Best exercises to burn belly fat

13 Best Exercises to Burn Belly Fat Immediately

What are the best exercises to burn belly fat? I am sure that you might have wondered. Belly fat are those fats in the...
Cooking gas safety tips

10 Important Cooking Gas Safety Tips You Must Know

Cooking gas, originally known as Liquefied Petroleum Gas, LPG provides us with one of the fastest, eco-friendly, and affordable means of cooking food compared...
Nigerian taking medications

10 Common Mistakes Nigerians Make When Taking Medications

Taking medications are part of our life because we all get sick from time to time. Medications are prescribed to promote better health, prevent...
Eating Mango With Coke

Is it Dangerous to Eat Mango after Drinking Coke or Fanta

There is a popular belief among Nigerians, especially while growing up, that eating mango after drinking coke or fanta can kill you. Or you...
Fitness Tips for Busy Nigerian Moms

7 Fitness Tips for Busy Nigerian Moms

As a mom, it is your duty to teach, protect and nourish your children. Honestly, it is not an easy task, but it is...
Health Guide NG

Welcome to Health Guide NG!

  We all want to be healthy. Being in excellent health is a desire shared by everyone around the world, especially Nigerians! One significant way we...
Calabash chalk

Everything You Need to Know About Nzu (Calabash Chalk)

Nzu, or calabash chalk is an edible clay that is found mainly in Nigeria and other West African countries. The common name is calabash...



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