Health Benefits of fura da nono

7 Fresh Health Benefits of Fura da Nono

Fura da nono is one of the many popular local drinks we have in Nigeria. The drink comes from the northern part of the...
Health Benefits Of Millet

5 Mesmerizing Health Benefits Of Millet

Millet, also known as joro in the Hausa language, is sorghum with a lot of uses. It is eaten as a staple food and...
Health benefits of eating crayfish

7 Fabulous Health Benefits Of Eating Crayfish

Crayfish, or crawfish as it is sometimes spelt, is a very popular seafood. In Nigeria, it is used in cooking to add flavour to...
Healthiest meats

5 Healthiest Meats You Can Eat

For many people, no meal is complete without some form of meat. But not every meat is good for you. While meat is a...
Health Benefits of Àmàlà

10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Amala

Amala is a popular staple food in Nigeria, that originated from the Yoruba people. who come from the western part of Nigeria. It is...
Causes of Food Poisoning in Nigeria

Causes of Food Poisoning in Nigeria and How to Avoid Them

Food poisoning is something that can affect anybody. It is caused by eating contaminated or spoilt food. The food does not have to look...
Healthy Nigerian Biscuits

5 Savoury and Healthy Nigerian Biscuits

It is very obvious that Nigerians love biscuits. There are so many biscuit brands that are bought regularly in Nigeria. Also, a lot of...
Health Facts About Monster Energy Drink

8 Shocking Health Facts About Monster Energy Drink

Energy drinks are beverages that are basically made to give more energy. They cause both physical and mental stimulation, which helps to increase overall physical...
Health benefits of basmati rice

Basmati Rice: Nutritional Content and Health Benefits

Basmati rice is easily recognisable by sight, because of its long grains, and also by smell, due to its nice aroma. It also has...
Healthy nigerian vegetables

6 Healthy Nigerian Leafy Vegetables You Should Eat Daily

Nigerians enjoy eating vegetables a lot that they add it to almost anything they cook. They either enjoy it alone or add it to...



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