Health Benefits of Stockfish

6 Excellent Health Benefits of Stockfish

Stockfish is a type of fish that is widely eaten in Nigeria. It is very tasty and is mostly used in preparing soups because...
Nigerian Spring rolls Finger Foods in Nigeria

5 Healthy Finger Foods in Nigeria

No Nigerian party is complete without finger foods. Finger foods, also known as appetizers or, more colloquially, small chops, are light foods eaten just...
Ukpo Oka (Corn Pudding)

5 Health Benefits of Ukpo Oka (Corn Pudding)

One of the most prominent dish in Nigeria is corn pudding, otherwise known as Ukpo Oka in the Igbo parts of the Nigerian federation....
Health Benefits Of Honeydew Melon

11 Super Health Benefits Of Honeydew Melon

Honeydew melon, or honeymelon for shorts, belongs to the muskmelon family. It closely resembles the cantaloupe. Honeydew melon is a large fruit with an...
Pumpkin seeds edible seeds in Nigeria

8 Healthy Edible Seeds in Nigeria

Seeds are often thought of as something that has just one purpose; being put into the ground to grow another plant. But seeds are...
tiger nuts, dates and coconut drink

11 Health Benefits of Tiger Nuts, Dates and Coconut Drink

The health advantages associated with the consumption of tiger nuts, dates and coconut drink are very plenty to discuss about. It's a combo drink...
Yerba Buena Tea

Yerba Buena Tea: Health Benefits and Side Effects

The Yerba Buena is a term used to qualify or describe a wide range of various team derived from wild mint and some other...
Abacha food health benefits

15 Amazing Health Benefits of Abacha (African Salad)

The Abacha food, which is popular regarded as African Salad in English, is a very aromatic delicacy and quite nutritious to the enzymes of...
Nsala Soup Health Benefits

8 Accurate Health Benefits of Nsala Soup

Nsala soup, also called White Soup is undoubtedly very popular with Igbo people. Often referred to as Ofe Nsala by the Igbo folks, it...
Nigerian foods rich in protein

12 Nigerian Foods That Are Rich In Protein

Foods that are rich in protein are regarded as body building foods. This is because protein contains the very properties or chemicals that ‘build’...



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