Nigerian foods rich in magnesium

13 Healthy Nigerian Foods Rich In Magnesium

Magnesium is an essential nutrient in the body. It is involved in different metabolic processes and chemical reactions in the body. It also assists...
Oha soup healthy Nigerian soups

10 Healthy Nigerian Soups For Everyone

Soups are an important Nigerian delicacy. Almost every culture and tribe has one soup they are known for. This naturally means that Nigerians never...
Healthy Nigerian Foods for Babies

8 Healthy Nigerian Foods for Babies

Babies are required to take breastmilk for, at least, the first six months of their lives, and after that, most mothers are ready to...
Health Benefits of Oatmeal Swallow

5 Superb Health Benefits of Oatmeal Swallow

Oatmeal swallow is a trendy delicacy among Nigerians now. Just like the name connotes, it is made from oats. Many Nigerians are already used...
Health Effects of Eating Junk Food

5 Must-Know Health Effects of Junk Food

Junk food, or cheat food, is a favourite for most of us. One might even say it is irresistible, and why not? They are...
Kilishi healthy Nigerian desserts

10 Healthy Nigerian Desserts Everyone Must Try

Everyone loves to have dessert. Most times, we do not necessarily have them after a meal, but at any time of the day, as...
Health Benefits of Eating Cabbage

7 Captivating Health Benefits of Eating Cabbage

Cabbage is a very healthy and nutritious vegetable. It belongs to the cruciferous family, along with other vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli, collard greens, and...
Nigerian foods for ulcer patients

Healthy Nigerian Foods for Ulcer Patients

Ulcer is a very serious medical condition that affects the lining of the intestine. This can make digestion very difficult and can cause great...
Health benefits of eating goat meat

7 Amazing Health Benefits of Eating Goat Meat

Those who eat goat meat would describe it as one of the best tasting meat and, indeed, it is. Not just for the fact...
Nigerian foods that are rich in iron

10 Known Nigerian Foods That Are Rich in Iron

Iron is an essential mineral that has numerous important functions in the body. The main function of iron is to carry oxygen throughout your...



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