List of Notifiable Diseases in Nigeria

List of Notifiable Diseases in Nigeria

Notifiable diseases are diseases (human or animal) that ought to be reported to government authorities by law. The government enacted regulations for reporting these...
Health Effects of Flooding

7 Major Health Effects of Flooding in Nigeria

Floods considered as one of the most frequently occurring natural disasters are responsible for fatalities globally. Every year, a geographical area in Nigeria experiences...
Common Eye Diseases in Nigeria

5 Common Eye Diseases in Nigeria

Eye diseases or Ocular problems are serious conditions that can cause visual difficulties. They vary in distribution across the world due to racial, geographical...
Ways to prevent drug abuse in Nigeria

10 Practical Ways to Prevent Drug Abuse in Nigeria

Drug Abuse, otherwise known as Substance Abuse, is an umbrella term for describing the excessive and habitual use of hard/illicit drugs. It can also...
Cooking gas safety tips

10 Important Cooking Gas Safety Tips You Must Know

Cooking gas, originally known as Liquefied Petroleum Gas, LPG provides us with one of the fastest, eco-friendly, and affordable means of cooking food compared...
5 Common Diseases in Nigeria and how to Prevent Them

5 Common Diseases in Nigeria and How to Prevent Them

There are so many diseases that are affecting the Nigerian population. Let's find out the common diseases in Nigeria and how to prevent them....
Mental Health Problems in Nigeria

5 Common Mental Health Problems in Nigeria

Mental health is an important aspect of our well-being and life. Just like how problems can affect our physical health, some problems can affect...
Mental health statistics in Nigeria

6 Shocking Mental Health Statistics in Nigeria

Good Health is important for the development of any country in the world. The World Health Organization (WHO) even defines health as “a state...



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