Nigerian Child Vaccination Schedule

Nigerian Child Vaccination Schedule 2020

Growing children are very fragile and susceptible to several diseases. That is why it is important that babies receive vaccines from the very point...
Depression in Nigeria

Depression in Nigeria: Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

Some 20 - 30 years ago, the word "depression," concerning mental health, was rarely used in Nigeria. This was not because the word did...
Endemic Diseases in Nigeria

Prevailing Endemic Diseases in Nigeria

An endemic disease is a disease with high prevalence in a certain region or area over a long period of time. There are quite...
Can facemasks cause hypoxia

Can Facemasks Cause Hypoxia?

After the coronavirus pandemic has ravaged the whole world, there has been precautionary measures taken by governments to alleviate the spread. These measures includes...
NCDC Guidelines for Preventing Coronavirus in Nigeria

NCDC Guidelines for Preventing the Spread of Coronavirus in Nigeria

As of the 25th of March, 2020, the total number of confirmed coronavirus disease in Nigeria has risen to 46 – a huge jump...
Coronavirus In Nigeria

Coronavirus in Nigeria: All You Need to Know

The coronavirus outbreak has overtaken the whole world, and Nigeria was not left out. The coronavirus outbreak in Nigeria has caused panic, fear, and...
Health Problems of Internally Displaced Persons in Nigeria

Health Problems of Internally Displaced Persons in Nigeria

An Internally Displaced Person is a person who was forced to flee his/her home or place of habitual residence in order to escape natural...
Adolescent Health Problems in NIgeria

5 Main Adolescent Health Problems in NIgeria

Nigeria is one of the countries with the largest adolescent population; over 60 million. Adolescence is a crucial period as youths transition into adults....
List of Notifiable Diseases in Nigeria

List of Notifiable Diseases in Nigeria

Notifiable diseases are diseases (human or animal) that ought to be reported to government authorities by law. The government enacted regulations for reporting these...
Health Effects of Flooding

7 Major Health Effects of Flooding in Nigeria

Floods considered as one of the most frequently occurring natural disasters are responsible for fatalities globally. Every year, a geographical area in Nigeria experiences...



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