Health Effects Of Telecommunication Masts In Nigeria

Are There Any Health Effects Of Telecommunication Masts In Nigeria?

Telecommunication masts are a common feature in many neighbourhoods around the country. Some people even have it located in their compounds and there may...
Medical Tests To Do Before Marriage

8 Crucial Medical Tests To Do Before Marriage

Meeting someone you wish to spend the rest of your life with can be such a magical feeling. But before you commit to them...
Tramadol Drugs Banned In Nigeria

5 Common Drugs Banned In Nigeria

Drugs are substances that have a mind-inducing effect when taken. This effect can manifest physically, bringing about a change in the person’s behaviour. It...
Problems of Health Education in Nigeria

Key Problems of Health Education in Nigeria

The concept of public health and safety is one that concerns everyone, regardless of age, occupation, religion, or any other form of physical, social,...
Health Effects of Kerosene

5 Health Effects of Kerosene You Might Not Know

Kerosene is one of the products gotten from crude oil. It is often used as fuel for cooking and achieving other things. Kerosene has...
Yellow Fever in Nigeria

Yellow Fever In Nigeria: Symptoms, Prevention and Vaccines

Yellow fever is a disease that is common among people in the tropics. This includes areas in sub-Saharan African and South America. It is...

Cryptic Pregnancy In Nigeria: What You Should Know

Cryptic pregnancy or stealth pregnancy is a phenomenon that occurs where a woman does not know that she is pregnant up until she gets...
Ways to Improve Environmental health in Nigeria

4 Ways To Improve Environmental Health In Nigeria

The issue of environmental health in Nigeria is one that has lingered for decades. Successive governments have crafted policies and adopted programs to improve...
Maternal health in Nigeria

Crucial Maternal Health Problems in Nigeria

Maternal health simply means the health of women during pregnancy, childbirth, and of course, postnatal care. Improving the health of mothers is very important...
How to protect yourself from teargas

How to Protect Yourself from Tear Gas

What is tear gas? Tear gas refers to a group of chemical irritants commonly used to control or disperse crowds. The common chemical used for...



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