4 Soothing Health Benefits of Aboniki Balm

Health Benefits of Aboniki Balm

There are quite a lot of rumours surrounding the use of Aboniki balm. Aboniki balm for hair growth, its use for massage, muscle relief, cough, and even as a lip balm. While we can confirm the efficacy of Aboniki balm, little is known about its health benefits.

Aboniki balm is a widely-used methylated balm in Nigeria.

The use of Aboniki balm has grown from a household essential in Nigerian homes to an incredible product for the African community and the international market at large.

But, the big question remains unanswered. What exactly are the health benefits of Aboniki Balm? The health benefits of Aboniki balm range from its use in muscle and bone therapy, body protection against cold, and as an insect repellent. 

Aboniki balm is made of 5.04% Camphor, 2.30% Eucalyptus Oil, 5.10% Menthol, and 4.25% Methyl Salicylate. The perfect combination of these active ingredients in this balm has proven to provide lasting effects, from pain relief to inflammation reduction.

This article will explore the amazing health benefits of Aboniki balm and how it can help you embrace healthy living.

4 Health Benefits of Aboniki Balm

Health Benefits of Aboniki Balm

Here are some of the health benefits of using aboniki balm.

1. Pain Relief

Pain relief is the primary health benefit of Aboniki Balm. Menthol helps in creating a cooling sensation for tissue pain relief, methyl salicylate provides pain relief from a sprain, arthritis, backache, and nerve pain, while camphor acts as an FDA-approved painkiller for different levels of pain. 

The combination of these active agents makes it easy for Aboniki balm to administer pain relief to the targeted parts of the body.

The effects of Aboniki balm extend to Arthritis, simple backaches, sore muscles, joint pains, leg cramps, strains, and joint pain relief. The effects kick in very fast, with a deep penetrating pain relief that lasts up to 20 hours.

2. Anti-Inflammatory Rub

Aboniki provides long-lasting relief that reduces inflammation. The balm is designed to provide anti-inflammatory benefits that address the root cause of your pain. 

This includes sprain and dislocation. The Aboniki balm provides a soothing effect that reduces discomfort. This addresses issues like muscle strain, sprains, backaches, knee dislocations, and even arthritis.

3. Insect Repellant

The Aboniki balm acts as a great insect repellant. Aboniki produces a strong scent that insects find uncomfortable. 

You can apply them to your legs or arms, and you are assured of maximum protection for your camping trip. This is also beneficial for long walks, travels, or a hike in the wild. 

It also stops the itching and pain that comes from previous insect bites. You just have to apply them gently on the affected area, without using much pressure, as you will do to a sprained ankle.

4. Cold Protection

Aboniki balm is an essential commodity for every home. When the room temperature starts dropping below 16ºC (60.8 Fahrenheit) or as low as 8°C (46 °F), Aboniki can give your family the warmth that it deserves. 

A gentle massage can get you warm and sweaty again. This extends to its use in addressing cold symptoms like; congested nostrils, catarrh, or even sore throat. Using Aboniki for your steam inhalation can clear your nose and get you active again.

The health benefits of Aboniki extend to its use in hair treatment, mixing it with your favourite hair cream and massaging gently through your scalp on Dandruff-affected areas.

Aboniki has proven to be effective in numerous cases; rheumatism, soothing and clear block, and irritated nasal passages. 

However, you must understand that Aboniki is for external use only. It is inadvisable to try to swallow Aboniki balm, as swallowing camphor-related products can be dangerous.

Side Effects of Aboniki Balm

In some cases, applying aboniki balm can cause redness, stinging pain, or burning on the the skin.

Although there are rarely ever any serious side effects or allergic reactions to the use of this medication, you should get medical help right away if you experience any symptoms of a serious allergic reaction or side effect.



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