Health Goals to set During the Lockdown

5 Smart Health Goals You Can Set and Achieve During Lockdown

I am sure that I speak everyone’s mind when I say that we are all tired of the lockdown. Because of the Coronavirus pandemic,...
Nigerian foods that boost immune system

10 Nigerian Foods that Boost the Immune System

Having a strong immune system can help to keep you healthy and free from diseases. Your diet plays a huge role in boosting your...
Coronavirus In Nigeria

Coronavirus in Nigeria: All You Need to Know

The coronavirus outbreak has overtaken the whole world, and Nigeria was not left out. The coronavirus outbreak in Nigeria has caused panic, fear, and...
Health Benefits of Uda Seed

8 Pure Health Benefits of Uda Seed (Negro Pepper)

Uda seed or Negro pepper is an aromatic spice commonly used in flavouring foods in certain parts of the world, including Nigeria, Senegal, Ghana,...
Nigerian herbs and their health benefits

10 Common Nigerian Herbs and Their Health Benefits

Herbs are plants with leaves, seeds, or flowers that are used for flavoring food, medicine, or fragrances. These particular plants are known for their...
Health Problems of Internally Displaced Persons in Nigeria

Health Problems of Internally Displaced Persons in Nigeria

An Internally Displaced Person is a person who was forced to flee his/her home or place of habitual residence in order to escape natural...
Adolescent Health Problems in NIgeria

5 Main Adolescent Health Problems in NIgeria

Nigeria is one of the countries with the largest adolescent population; over 60 million. Adolescence is a crucial period as youths transition into adults....
Health benefits of locust beans

6 Major Health Benefits of Locust Beans (Iru)

Scientifically known as Parkia biglobosa, locust bean is an aromatic local seasoning widely used in preparing soups and stews across in West Africa. It is...
Health benefits of okpa

5 Superior Health Benefits of Okpa

Okpa is a delicacy that is popular in Eastern Nigeria. It’s made with Bambara nuts or Bambara beans. Okpa is one of the healthy...
How to Get Rid of Dark Knuckles

How to Get Rid of Dark Knuckles Permanently

Dark knuckles are among the leading skin problems faced by many nowadays. This has led people to seek out how to get rid of...



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