How To Protect Yourself From Secondhand Smoke

How To Protect Yourself From Secondhand Smoke

Inhaling smoke is never a good thing. Even though you do not smoke cigarettes or other kinds of drugs, it is not always easy...
Health Benefits of Costus afer

Costus afer (Okpete): Health Benefits and Side Effects

The use of traditional herbs in treating ailments, especially in rural and poor areas, is becoming increasingly popular due to their efficacy in managing...
Ways To make clean water at home

5 Ways To Make Clean Water At Home

Water is essential for survival and access to drinkable water is one of the basic needs of man. Before people used to get water...
Morinda Lucida Oruwo Leaves

Morinda Lucida (Oruwo Leaves): Health Benefits and Effects

Oruwo leaves are a medicinal herb common in many parts of Africa. It is known as Brimstone tree in the English language, Oruwo in...
How To Protect Your Eyes From Phone Screen Glare

How To Protect Your Eyes From Phone Screen Glare

Chances are that you are reading this from a smartphone. These days, more people connect to the internet through a smartphone than through a...
Health Benefits Of Garlic And Ginger

6 Powerful Health Benefits of Garlic And Ginger

Garlic and ginger are two wonderful spices that are often used for cooking. Here in Nigeria, we use garlic and ginger to prepare a...
Ogbono soup Nigerian foods that lower blood sugar

10 Nigerian Foods That Lower Blood Sugar

Diabetes is a serious medical condition marked by the presence of high sugar levels in the blood. This comes from the consumption of foods...
How to keep your blood healthy

How To Keep Your Blood Healthy

The blood is the very source of life. Every human being has blood flowing through their veins. Blood helps to transport nutrients and oxygen...
Dirtiest Things In Your House Right Now

5 Dirtiest Things In Your House Right Now

Take a look around your house now and answer this simple question; is your house clean or not? Sure, you sweep it every day...

5 Health Effects of Carbonated Drinks on the Body

Chances are that you have had, at least one carbonated drink this week, or the week before. If you have not had one already,...



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