10 Simple Exercises To Do If You Sit All Day 

Simple Exercises To Do If You Sit All Day 

Do you have a job or a lifestyle that makes you to sit all day? Many people have lifestyle that involves sitting for prolonged period of time. Indeed, long hours of sitting, staring at your screen, and trying to stay productive are becoming the new normal. But this sedentary lifestyle is doing more harm than good.

Sitting all day can cause a lot of problems for our bodies, including stiffness, poor posture, and even chronic pain. That’s why breaking the cycle and introducing physical activity into your workday is important.

If you’re someone who spends most of their day sitting at a desk, it’s important to take breaks and move around whenever you can. But what about when you’re stuck at your desk for hours on end? That’s where these simple exercises come in. In this article, we’ll explore some easy exercises you can do if you sit all day to help combat the negative effects of sitting all day.

10 Simple Exercises To Do If You Sit All Day 

Here are the ten best simple exercises to do if you sit all day to achieve optimum health. 

1. The chair squat 

Chair squatting is one of the best simple exercises to do if you sit all day. Standing up and taking a few seconds to squat is one of the best ways to stretch your lower body while giving you an energy boost. Just be sure to do it safely – with your feet shoulder-width apart and keeping your back straight.

2. Neck stretch

Long periods of sitting in the same position can lead to neck tension. Try gentle stretches and circles with your neck and shoulders for instant relief.

Start it slowly and gently, and gradually increase the speed. 

3. Wall push-ups

Another simple exercise to do if you sit all day is wall push-ups. Do wall push-ups for a quick upper-body workout that doesn’t require a gym or ample space. Simply stand arm’s length from the wall and make the classic push-up motion with your back and legs against the wall.

4. Knee lift

Knee Lift is one of the simple exercises to do if you sit all day. Get up from your chair, and lift one leg at a time. Move your foot back and forth in a bending motion as if you’re pedaling on a bicycle. Not only does this exercise help to strengthen the hip muscles, but it can also improve your balance and reduce lower back pain.

5. Take a break and take a walk

Taking a short break can be good for your overall health. Put away your laptop, go outside, and walk around your office block or home garden. A few minutes of walking can reduce your stress levels and energize you.

6. Desk stretches

Sometimes taking a quick break from your desk and doing the recommended exercises is impossible, but that doesn’t mean you have to stay static all day. Incorporate some desk exercises such as arm and leg lifts, head nods, torso twists, and a neck and shoulder massage.

7. Seated shoulder rolls

Seated shoulder rolls are an effective, simple exercise to do if you sit all day. Sit up straight and clasp your hands together behind your neck. Gently pull your shoulders backward, rotating them both upwards and outwardly. Repeat this motion ten times, taking care to make sure you do the full range of motion.


8. Neck rotations

Ensure you have good posture, sitting upright with your shoulders squared and relaxed. Move your chin inwards so it’s close to your chest, and then slowly move it towards your left shoulder. You should feel a gentle stretch across the neck and shoulders. Return center, repeat the exercise, and move to another side.

9. Seated leg raises

Seated leg raises are another effective exercise. To do a seated leg raise, sit up straight in the chair, extend your legs straight in front of you, and raise them to waist height. Take a moment to count to ten, then lower the legs back to the floor and repeat for 5-10 sets. This is a great way to get a gentle lower-body workout without leaving the chair.

10. Abdominal bracing

This exercise focuses on toning your core and can be done without leaving the chair. While seated, suck in your stomach, tighten your core muscles, and count to ten. Relax the muscles and repeat this motion several more times, taking a few breaths.


As you have read in this article, there are some simple exercises to do if you sit all day. Nevertheless, no matter what exercise you do, make sure that it’s safe and beneficial to you. Above all, enjoy your exercise session – make it a habit that you look forward to reducing your risks of poor posture and staying fit.

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