4 Best Exercises For Bigger Legs At Home

Best Exercises For Bigger Legs At Home

Have you ever heard the quote, “never skip leg day”? Many people who go to the gym or workout focus on their arms and core and pay almost no attention to their legs.

This is why such a person could have a large upper body with a lower body that does not match. They could have layers of muscles around their arms, chest, and back, but from their legs, it would be difficult to tell that such people even work out. That is why you just never skip leg day. 

Balance is a very important part of whatever we do. As you focus on your upper body, you should pay an equal level of attention to your lower body. This would ensure that all parts of your body benefit from your workout sessions. 

If you have observed athletes, such as footballers, you would have noticed that they have big legs or calves. This tends to give them balance or support when they are on the field.

The big calves you see did not come naturally – they had to work for it. So, whether you are an athlete or not and want big calves, you have to do the most to achieve it. The good thing is, it is not so difficult. 

In this article, we will be looking at some exercises you can do for bigger legs at home.

Best Exercises For Bigger Legs At Home

1. Skipping

One exercise you can do for bigger calves is jumping rope or skipping. When skipping, most of the work is done by your legs since you are taking quick, short jumps. This is why at the end of a skipping session, it is the legs that seem most sore after. 

The key to a good skipping session is to maintain rhythm as you jump. Also, use a good rope that would not present any challenge at all. You can consider getting one of these ropes that have counters on them. This counter records each skip and is more accurate at doing that. 

2. Standing Calf Raise 

This is another exercise you can do to build your calf, and the good thing is you do not need any machine or equipment for this, and it can be done right in your room. 


– stand upright with your arms by your side and your feet close together 

– lift your heels off the ground by standing on the balls of your toes. This would move your body upwards. 

– maintain that position for a twenty to thirty seconds

– slowly return your heels to the ground until you are in the position in the first step. 

3. Sprinting 

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Sprinting is another good exercise you can do that would result in bigger legs. When you run, you actively involve the muscles around your calves.

The more sprints you do, the more you develop those muscles. You do not need to run several miles every time. Most important is that you are consistent by sprinting every day or as often as possible. 

4. Seated Calf Raise 

For this exercise, you would need a firm bench and some form of resistance, like a dumbbell. 


– sit on the bench with your knees at a 90° angle and make sure your feet or the soles of your shoe are flat on the ground. 

– place each dumbbell on each of your thighs. 

– raise your heels as you plant the balls of your toes firmly on the ground. 

– while doing that, push down the dumbbells on your thighs for resistance. 

– maintain that position for one or two seconds

– lower your heels slowly while releasing the pressure on your thighs 

– do 8-12 reps for each set.

Uphill walking or inclined treadmill running can also help with bigger legs.



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