5 Best Exercises To Do After Eating

Best Exercises To Do After Eating

Have you ever felt like you have eating more than you can handle? It is safe to say we all have been there. Often, when such happens, you may find it hard to move your body or even do something as simple as sitting upright. Of course, overfeeding does not have any permanent effect as you would get yourself within 30 minutes to 2 hours after eating, as the food gets digested. But is there a way to speed the process and make you feel better? Well, you can do that by exercising.

Exercising after eating aids the digestion process and also prevents that lethargic feeling that comes with eating so much. But you do not have to wait before you have overfed before doing exercises after eating. You can also do it after having a midday snack or after your breakfast. It would also help digestion and give you that burst of energy. How long should you wait after eating before exercising? And what are best exercises to do after eating? Find out in this article.

How Long Should You Wait After Eating Before Exercising?

Knowing how long to wait before doing exercises is very important. You should not attempt to start exercising the moment you eat the last crumbs off your plate. Working out right after eating may cause some digestive discomforts such as bloating, cramping, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.

Give your body some time to rest. Ideally, you should wait about 30 minutes – 1 hour after eating snacks and 1 hour – 2 hours after eating food before attempting to exercise. 

What Kind Of Exercises Can You Do After Eating?

The type of exercises you do after eating are simple exercises that do not require equipment or a strenuous routine. You do not need to visit the gym as soon as you are done eating to exercise. What you need to do are simple and easy exercises. 

We would now look at some exercises you can do after eating.

Best Exercises To Do After Eating

1. Walking

Walking is the easiest exercise you can do. The good thing is, you do not have to wait for minutes after eating as you can start it right after you eat. You do not have to walk a great distance to reap the benefits. You can simply walk up and down your street or even use that time to get something from a store. 

2. Jogging

After a heavy meal, it would help you to do some jogging to help the digestion process. Jogging is a very easy exercise to do as it would get your heart pumping, increasing circulation in your body. It would also give you the energy to get work done. This is better than taking a nap or just sitting down helplessly after eating. 

3. Running

You can also choose to run after eating, although you would have to wait for, at least, one hour 30 minutes before doing this. It would help if you can do some walking before then so that you can be active before you start running. You can run for short distances, just enough to get your heart pumping fast. 

4. Biking

If you own a bicycle, you can choose to ride it after eating a meal as a form of exercise. Like the previous exercises mentioned, you do not have to ride it for a long distance or too fast. Just ride it as you normally would, taking short laps. You should wait for an hour or two after eating before biking.

5. Swimming

Swimming is also one of the best exercises to do after eating for digestion. It is a great full-body workout, improves your mental well-being, and can reduce stress. However, it is better to wait for about 1 hour after eating before swimming.

Bottom Line

It is okay to exercise after you have had a meal. However, you should wait for about thirty minutes to two hours after eating before exercising. Some of the best exercises to do after eating are running, jogging, swimming, and biking.




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