6 Exercises To Do While Watching TV

Exercises To Do While Watching TV

Watching television is fun. Fewer things are better than relaxing while watching your favourite show or catching up with your favourite team in your preferred sports. Watching TV is good. While some people only spend a few minutes or less than an hour every day watching TV, as they are preoccupied with other things or do not find the TV programme that entertaining, there are those who spend hours glued to the screen, seeing one program after the other, surfing between their numerous favourite channels. Such people, often referred to as couch potatoes, spend most hours while awake watching TV.

Being glued to your TV all day prevents you from doing a lot of things, including working out. The thought of going to the gym may just seem unbearable for you at this point, that you do not bother to go at all. The problem with this is that being a couch potato increases your chances of gaining weight as you would always want to snack on something while watching your favourite show. With no chance to work out, you end up putting on more weight. 

“If only there was a way to work out while watching TV,” you may have thought. The good news is it is quite possible to work out while watching TV. You can do this during commercial breaks or when the less interesting parts come on. To make things even better, you can switch to the music channel just to get enough inspiration for this. You do not need any equipment for these machines and they can all be done right on the spot. 

So, if you are interested, let us look at some exercises to do while watching TV

1. Sit-Ups

The great thing about sit-ups is that it has a lot of benefits on the upper body, especially the abs, and requires nothing. All you need is something to pin your feet to the ground, and what better to do that than the bottom of your couch? Start easy and increase your number of reps. You can aim to complete 10, then increase to 20 next time. The more you do it, the easier it becomes. 

2. Push-Ups

Push up is another great exercise you can do during a commercial break. You do not need to do a lot before you feel the effect, meaning you can complete a set before your show is back on. Remember to go easy and start small, slowly increasing the number of push-ups you can do per set. 

3. Planks

Many people often joke that doing planking is a way to make time stop, because of how demanding it can be. But doing planking while watching TV is a milder experience as you can use TV to distract yourself. Just assume the plank position and keep your eyes glued on the screen. Do this for 30 seconds at first. Soon, you would not be able to tell when the 30 seconds have passed due to the TV you have on. Remember to keep your toes curled far behind you and your lower hands flat on the ground, carrying the weight of your body. 

4. Squats

Squats are another great exercise you can try. This helps to build your lower body, especially your thighs. To get the best results, it is important to go slow, although you may find it discomforting at first. 

5. Lunges 

Just like squats, lunges would help build your lower body. To do this, stretch out one leg. Next, go down with the other leg, along with the rest of your body, while bringing down your outstretched leg till it is at angle 90. Repeat this and alternate the legs you use. 

6. Leg raise

A simple leg raise is another one of the exercises to do while watching TV. This simple exercise can get your blood flowing, strengthen your leg and core muscles, increase your energy levels, decrease the risk of muscle atrophy.

To perform this exercise while watching TV, sit in your living room chair with good posture. Make sure your back is straight, your chest is out and shoulders are down. Next, extend your right leg out in front of you and tighten the quadriceps muscle. Raise the foot up approximately 8 to 12 inches. Now, lower your right foot back to the floor and repeat 15 to 20 times. Remember to exercise both legs, and keep your hips level throughout the entire exercise.




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