Ways To make clean water at home

5 Ways To Make Clean Water At Home

Water is essential for survival and access to drinkable water is one of the basic needs of man. Before people used to get water...
Ways to be eco friendly in Nigeria

5 Ways To Be Eco-Friendly in Nigeria

In recent years, there have been calls for people to be more caring for their environment. This includes doing things that would help to...
Dirtiest Things In Your House Right Now

5 Dirtiest Things In Your House Right Now

Take a look around your house now and answer this simple question; is your house clean or not? Sure, you sweep it every day...
Generator Safety Tips in Nigeria

5 Safety Tips To Follow While Using Your Generator

Generators are a common feature of Nigerian homes. Due to the failing power supply in the country, it is only normal that people find...
Ways to Improve Environmental health in Nigeria

4 Ways To Improve Environmental Health In Nigeria

The issue of environmental health in Nigeria is one that has lingered for decades. Successive governments have crafted policies and adopted programs to improve...
How to reduce waste at home

How to Reduce Waste at Home: 6 Effective Methods

Every day, we have to deal with waste in and around the home. The troubling thing is that there seems to be no way...
Simple Ways to Keep Your House Clean

10 Simple Ways to Keep Your House Clean

Sometimes it might be a challenge to keep up with maintaining a clean house and our busy schedule. Cleanliness is really important because it...



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