How to Keep Your Toenails Healthy

How to Keep Your Toenails Healthy

The toenails are a part of the body that people do not often remember to take care of. While people might remember to take...
How To Care For Your Melanin-rich Skin

How To Care For Your Melanin-rich Skin

Melanin is found in almost every animal on earth. It’s a pigment created by cells in the body called melanocytes. It is nature’s paint,...
How to keep your afro healthy

How To Keep Your Afro Healthy

If there is one hairstyle that never goes out of fashion, it is the afro style. One thing that makes afro great is that...
How to keep your armpit clean

How to Keep Your Armpits Clean and Fresh

Keeping your body clean is a good step in being healthy. From the tip of your head to the toes on your feet, you...
Skincare Tips for harmattan

8 Refreshing Skincare Tips For Harmattan In Nigeria

The harmattan season is characterized by the cold dusty wind. This dry, cold wind dries out the skin leading to various skin-related concerns such...
Does groundnut cause pimples?

Does Groundnut Cause Pimples? Find Out the Truth

Pimples are inflamed or raised spots on the surface of the skin, usually filled with pus. They are small pustules or papules. Pimples naturally...
How to Get Rid of Dark Knuckles

How to Get Rid of Dark Knuckles Permanently

Dark knuckles are among the leading skin problems faced by many nowadays. This has led people to seek out how to get rid of...



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