How to Care for Your Dreadlocks

How to Care for Your Dreadlocks

Taking care of dreadlocks demands a lot of patience, ranging from finding the perfect locs to getting the right shampoo solution and conditioner to the suitable cream to moisturize your locs. The good thing about locs is that they get better with time. As they mature, they get smoother and tighter.

Contrary to most famous opinions, taking care of locs isn’t very expensive and demanding. Once you get the right shampoo and moisturizer, other things become easy.  

Below are six ways to care for your dreadlocks to keep them healthy and beautiful.

Wash your Locs

To maintain your locs, you must regularly wash your scalp to remove any build-up dirt, excess oil, and lint in your locs. In washing your locs, go for a sulfate-free shampoo that does not cause residue in the hair after washing.

How frequently should I wash my locs? The frequency of which you wash your loc depends on your lifestyle. If you are a gym or sports person or do a lot of physical activity, you might have to be washing your locs more frequently.  

Keep your locs dry

After washing your locs, the next thing is to dry the locs. Drying your locs isn’t complex. All you have to do is take a handful of your locs and gently squeeze out the water from the roots and slowly to the tips of the locs.

To give your loc a finishing drying, ensure you dry your locs with a microfiber towel. Unlike the average cotton towel, microfibre towels absorb more moisture and, most importantly, do not leave any lint entrapped in your locs. You have to ensure your loc is completely dry so that mildew won’t build up in your hair, and I know you won’t like that.

Carefully moisturise your locs 

Moisturizing your locs is very important as it helps to influence the general appearance of the locs. When the loc is dry, it is prone to breakage and brittleness. As such, you need to moisturize your locs as you will not want to see locs snapping. I suggest applying an excellent loc moisturizing spray and combining it with hair oil to help you achieve optimum results.

Maintain your scalp Health

Please don’t forget your scalp health because you are on locs. Your scalp needs optimum care, and it is better for you to go for a lightweight oil to moisturize your scalp constantly. When your scalp is healthy, you won’t experience itchy or any form of discomfort, and this will help your locs last longer.

Style your locs

For a great appearance, try out different styling looks. There are different ways you can style your locs. It can be:

  • Comb coils – this entails using a small-tooth comb to twist small sections of the locs to form coils.
  • Palm-rolling – this entails rolling small sections of your hair on your palms to tighten and lock them up.
  • Braids or two-strand twist – this is specially designed for longer locs. You can braid them to any style of your choice.
  • Freeform – this entails detangling your locs altogether.

When styling your locs, you should pay attention to your edges. Also, please avoid bald patches, thinning your hair, and traction alopecia by considering the tension level of your locs. 

Adhere to a nightly routine for your locs

To maintain the health of your locs, I suggest you sleep with a satin bonnet or a silk scarf. When sleeping, ensure that your locs are well covered against moisture. Moisture can cause your locs to break.


A healthy loc is essential for your overall beauty. Ensure you intentionally create time to take care of your hair, which will help promote your overall appearance and beauty. If you wondering how to care for your dreadlocks, then following the tips above can help you.



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