How to Grow Virgin Hair in Nigeria

How to grow virgin hair in Nigeria

A virgin hair is a human hair that has never been altered or manipulated by steaming, dyes, perms, bleaches or any chemical process. This natural hair type is linked with a lot of benefits. Part of it is that its color rarely fades, its texture is usually silky and soft, and it typically lasts longer. A lot of people have been searching for how to grow virgin hair in Nigeria, and there are very few accurate information regarding natural hair growth online.

Most of the tips on virgin hair growth you see online are based on the Caucasian hair type, which is very different from the African hair. So, most of their hair care tips will not be applicable to the African hair.

However, this article is filled with expert tips to help grow your own virgin hair as an African.

Beauty and skin care expert, Onome Ehwariemere reveals the secrets of natural hair care in this post.

How to grow virgin hair in Nigeria

How to Grow Virgin Hair in Nigeria

To start with, Nigerian hair is very versatile, very beautiful, very thick.

And everybody’s hair different. It doesn’t matter whether it is your sister, your mother, your cousin, your family member, The way your DNA is different, that is how your natural hair is different. So because something works for this person so well, doesn’t mean or gives you the prerogative that it is going to work for you exactly the same way. And one thing about natural hair is growth. Growth depends on your genes.

You see, some people naturally have hair, it’s in their genes; they are hairy people. Now you are not going to compare somebody like that to yourself. What I would advise for natural or virgin hair beginners is to do research and look for somebody that you feel like as if you are, far more similar when it comes to your hair. Similarities like their hair texture, hair colour or hair struggles then you can start from there.

Secondly, for natural or virgin hair care, you have to create a regimen. A regimen is a particular way you do things, so you have to create a particular way you take care for your hair and grow your virgin hair. So this is the foolproof regimen for every natural hair care beginner.

They are;  pre-poo, shampoo, condition, deep condition and moisturize. Now you can use your conditioner, say deep conditioner, but it depends on the volume and the texture of your hair. That depends on whether you will condition and then deep condition. I personally I just deep conditioned I don’t condition. What I do is that when I want to wash my hair, I pre-poo my hair with anything from essential oils will steam it up a bit so they can penetrate my scalp better — essential oils, like aloe vera extract, onion juice and rice water.

I used those four mainly as my pre-poo, and then I shampoo my hair. I don’t use shampoo very often. The particular brand of shampoo that I use is between Hawaiian Silky, Herbal Essence and Veal 5. But what I regularly use to wash my hair is melted Dudu Osun soup or regular African black soup. The ones that you can’t get around. Why use that? Because that helps to like detoxify and gets rid of the excess products. It helps me take out the excess product out of my hair.

It works better than shampoo because shampoo tends to dry out your hair. So except you are somebody that has used a lot of predicts products during the week or it has been in minutes since you washed your hair, you can use shampoo, but if it’s for a day, a weekly regimen. I would definitely advise you to use black soap.

Secondly, there is conditioning.
Deep deconditioning and there is co-washing. Deep conditioning in the process of applying conditioner generally on your hair. You do not put conditioner on your scalp. It will itch you, and you will sweat too. Put a conditioner on your hair and then putting on a shower cap, a paper bag, something that will conduct heat, but natural heat not regulated heat. It conducts heat and then allowed the conditioner to penetrate into the shaft of your hair.

You can use this. You can leave this for the least of 20 minutes to like an hour or two. It all depends on your preference. Co-washing is, for example, say you washed your hair on Monday and you feel like your hair is a bit dried out on Thursday, but because you washed your hair on Monday. You don’t see the essence of shampooing or using a black soap on your hair. You use your conditioner to cool wash.

What you do is you pre-poo with an oil, say Aloe Vera extract anything of your choice, and then you add the conditioner, you comb through, you wear a shower cap, and then you wash it. After conditioning you need to moisturize, what you need to moisturize is a leave-in conditioner and an essential oil to lock it in and a sealant.
For your sealants, the best and most reasonable sealants so far is shea butter. Shea butter really helps a lock in the moisture in your hair.

I would propose personal living conditions as worked for me are Mega growth Leave-in conditioner It is amazing. It is affordable, and it does the job. Mega Growth, Dark and Lovely, Cantu is really, really nice, and it smells so yummy. So these are the leave-in conditioners that you can check out.
Always make sure that your hair is always protected, with natural hair you can’t afford to comb your hair every day. It will be painful on your hand, and your hair will shed excessively.

Also, try to protect your hair. What I do personally is to make sure that my hair is always in cornrows, always in a braid-out or twists our and I wear a wig.

I’m a wig person. Like rarely does my hair come out. Rarely do I leave my hair flying. These the few basic surface facts that I can share right now.


Tips to Grow African Natural Hair

How to grow virgin hair in Nigeria

1. Use an egg mask regimen.

Eggs contain excellent amount of important materials, including protein, magnesium, zinc, iron, sulfur, selenium and phosphorous – all of which makes it one of the best natural ingredients for hair growth.

Fortunately, there are a number of ways you can grow your virgin hair with eggs, some of which are summarized below.

Method 1

Whisk 2 eggs, mix with 4 tablespoons of olive oil [or any of almond, grapeseed, sunflower seed or castor oils], apply directly to your scalp and hair, and then let it remain there for close to 20-45 minutes.

After that, rinse off the treatment with clean, cold water and apply shampoo/condition on your hair.

Method 2

Whisk an egg yolk together with 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil, a cup of milk, as well as the juice from half a lemon.

Now, apply the mixture on your scalp and let it be for about 30 minutes.

After that, rinse out the treatment and apply shampoo and condition to your hair.

Note: You can repeat this egg hair mask just once or twice in a month, for best results.

2. Eat more protein

The importance of protein in the human body can never be overemphasized as it is regarded as one of the major macronutrients the body needs for adequate functioning and maintenance of crucial tissues.

If you really want to grow virgin hair, then it is imperative to consume more protein.

3. Get enough sleep

There are a number of factors that can stop you from growing virgin hair, and of course INADEQUATE SLEEP is one!

This is because poor sleep affects our skin and energy levels and the overall hair health.

However, research shows that getting quality rest can help promote adequate protein synthesis of the hair.

It also stimulates the release of growth hormones and enzymes that help the hair grow faster.

Therefore, if you’re so keen about growing virgin hair, then it is imperative you sleep for at least 8 hours daily, the recommended daily sleep.

4. Use Onion juice

Onion juice is among the most used natural remedies for growing virgin hair.

It is an excellent source of sulfur and other important properties that boost collagen production to contribute to faster hair growth.

Onion juice also contains Flavonoids that reverses damage caused by free radicals and prevents inflammation, Anti-bacterial properties that prevents hair infection and promote hair growth, as well as Catalase, a compound that paralyzes hydrogen peroxide in the body to stop graying of hair.

To grow virgin hair with onion juice, rinse onion with clean water, chop it into small pieces and extract the juice content from it.

After that, apply the mixture on your scalp, leave it for close to 15 minutes before washing off with clean water.

Repeat this method two or three times a week for best results.

5. Eat a healthy diet.

The quality of foods you consume day in day out goes a long way in affecting your overall hair health.

You cannot be eating poor, less nutritious meals and expect your hair to grow evenly and healthily. In simpler words, if you really intend growing virgin hair, you need to cut back on sweet junks and other foods that contribute nothing to your health.

You need to replace the aforementioned with a balanced diet with the right nutrients [such as protein, vitamins, minerals, magnesium, iron and zinc, etc.] for optimum hair growth.


  • Avoid using shampoo excessively
  • Massage your scalp regularly
  • Minimize the use of hair styling tools and hair cosmetics.
  • Avoid products made with silicones, sulfates, and alcohol
  • Use Satin Fabric Pillowcase
  • Try hair boosting supplements, such as folic acid, omega three fatty acids, protein, B-complex vitamins, biotin.
  • Rinse your hair with cold water immediately after each shower
  • Use rice water and melted black soap.


Onome Ehwarieme is a beauty, hair and skincare expert.



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