10 Soothing Health Benefits of Okwuma (Shea Butter)

Health Benefits of Okwuma (Shea butter)

One of nature’s gifts to man is the shea butter, and it offers immeasurable benefits that can be used any day and any time. Shea butter, also known as “Okwuma” among the Igbos of Nigeria, is prized for its medicinal properties. Shea butter is called kadanya in Hausa, and ori in Yoruba languages in Nigeria.

Shea butter is a fatty oil collected from the nuts of the African shea tree (Vitellaria Paradoxa). The Karite tree produces the fruits, and the nuts contained within the fruits are of primary value. 

Shea trees are native to East and West tropical Africa, and shea butter is derived from two oily kernels within the seed of the tree. Once the kernel is removed, it is ground into a powder and boiled in water. The resulting butter rises to the top of the water and solidifies. The result is a pale whitish yellow shea butter paste.

According to studies, shea butter has been said to be highly beneficial, especially to the skin. Vitamins A, E, and F in shea butter nourish the skin. They help to keep the skin clear and healthy and are especially good for sun-damaged skin.

This article discusses some of the amazing health benefits of okwuma (Shea butter).

10 Soothing Health Benefits of Shea Butter (Okwuma)

Here are some of the potential health benefits of shea butter based on some scientific evidence:

1. Relieves muscle pain and soreness

Muscle discomfort is frequently caused by inflammation in an affected area of the body due to exercise or a muscular illness. Shea butter has traditionally been used to alleviate muscle pains and discomfort throughout Africa.

While there is no substantial evidence to prove this, persons who have massaged affected areas with shea butter have reported a reduction in swelling and pain.

2. Perfect lip balm substitute

Shea butter is quickly absorbed and gives the extra hydration and nutrients the lips require during dry and cold months. As a result, it works well as a lip balm and can also treat dried and chapped lips. It works by forming a barrier on the lips and keeps moisture in when applied.

3. Great anti-aging agent

Many people apply shea butter to look young and healthy because of its anti-aging effect. In addition, the butter contains vitamins A and E, essential nutrients that help keep the skin smooth, luminous, and nourished. 

Shea butter can be used to minimize wrinkles and control facial lines. This is because it boosts the creation of collagen, the skin’s youthful structural protein. In addition, its capacity to enhance circulation and stimulate cell renewal also contributes to its anti-aging benefits.

4. Treats skin complications

Shea butter has therapeutic qualities due to the abundance of fatty acids and plant sterols such as palmitic, oleic, linolenic acids, and stearic. When these oil-soluble components come in touch with alkalis, they don’t saponify or change into soap. Because it is not saponifiable compared to fats and other oily nuts, making it a powerful healer.

Unrefined okwuma is very effective in treating dry skin, rashes, stretch marks, scars, frostbites, and skin peels. According to some research, its application is also effective in treating eczema, psoriasis, acne, athlete’s foot, and stings. In addition, medical studies have suggested that shea butter may help prevent the formation of keloids and scars.

5. Helps to revitalize your hair

Shea butter can also be used to moisturize hair. Many people apply okwuma to their hair to prevent harmful free radicals and terrible weather conditions. This miracle butter is also rich in nutrients that are good for our scalp. Ultimately, it can be used to strengthen hair follicles, which helps to control hair loss.

The anti-inflammatory quality in this nature’s gift is another key feature that can be used to treat scalp complications and enrich your hair. Studies have shown shea butter can be used to treat dandruff.

6. Enhances collagen production

Collagen is a protein and a major component of your skin. It plays a role in strengthening the skin. Shea butter boosts collagen production because it contains triterpenes. Triterpenes are naturally occurring chemical compounds that improve the production of collagen. Thus, giving you healthier and plumper skin.

7. Prevents hair breakage

Shea butter might be useful in preventing hair breakage. Many women have reported that using shea butter significantly reduced hair breakage.

8. Treats skin burns

Another one of the many impressive health benefits of shea butter is that it can be used to treat skin burns, such as sunburn. Shea’s anti-inflammatory abilities reduce skin redness, soothe pain, and swelling. 

9. Powerful antifungal agent

Shea butter is a powerful antifungal agent that fights some skin infections caused by fungi. 

Yes indeed, shea tree products have been confirmed to be potent ingredients in combating skin infections caused by fungi. Although it may not be effective in treating all types of fungal infections, shea butter has been proven to eliminate spores of fungi that cause ringworm and athlete’s foot

10. Soothes arthritis pain

Shea butter has strong anti-inflammatory properties. One study found that shea oil can help reduce inflammation and protect joints from further damage due to arthritis.

Bottom Line

Shea butter or Okwuma are great for so many reasons. However, these wonderful health benefits of shea butter should convince you to use it for skin and hair health.



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