Health benefits of Prekese

10 Potential Health Benefits of Prekese

Prekese is a flowering plant found in many parts of West Africa. The scientific name of prekese is Tetrapleura tetraptera.  The plant has tons of benefits...
Health Benefits of African Mistletoe

8 Amazing Health Benefits of African Mistletoe

The African Mistletoe (Tapinanthus dodoneifolius) is a plant that bears semblance to the mistletoe found in parts of Europe and Asia. It is a...
Clove Soaked In Water for infection

Clove Soaked In Water Benefits and Uses

Clove (Syzygium aromaticum) is quite a popular spice native to Indians, and is said to be very common in most Indian kitchens. The clove...
health benefits of editan leaves

8 Powerful Health Benefits of Editan Leaves

Editan leaf is a vegetable plant used in the preparation of Editan soup. The soup is believed to have originated from the Efik people...
Health Benefits of Ofor Seeds (Brachystegia nigerica)

6 Health Benefits of Ofor Seeds (Brachystegia nigerica)

Ofor seeds are seed gotten from the detarium microcarpum plant. The stems bark, roots, and leaves are used for various medicinal purposes. However, in...
Health Benefits of Mango Stem Bark

7 Health Benefits of Mango Stem Bark

When people think of the mango tree, their minds often go to the fruit, as that is the part that matters to them the...
Health Benefits of Costus afer

Costus afer (Okpete): Health Benefits and Side Effects

The use of traditional herbs in treating ailments, especially in rural and poor areas, is becoming increasingly popular due to their efficacy in managing...
Morinda Lucida Oruwo Leaves

Morinda Lucida (Oruwo Leaves): Health Benefits and Effects

Oruwo leaves are a medicinal herb common in many parts of Africa. It is known as Brimstone tree in the English language, Oruwo in...
Ways to be eco friendly in Nigeria

5 Ways To Be Eco-Friendly in Nigeria

In recent years, there have been calls for people to be more caring for their environment. This includes doing things that would help to...
Health Benefits Of Jatropha hospital too far

Miraculous Health Benefits Of Jatropha (Hospital Too Far)

Jatropha tanjorensis, also known as 'hospital too far' is a plant from the Euphorbiaceae family. It is usually grown in rainfall forest zones in parts...



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