7 Epic Health Benefits Of Goron Tula

Health Benefits of Goron Tula
Health Benefits of Goron Tula

Goron Tula is a fruit that is highly revered by those who are very familiar with it. The fruit is found in Northern Nigeria, and the name “Tula” is gotten from the name of a place in Gombe state (Tula Kaltungo), where it is widely cultivated.

The fruit has a sweet, chewy taste, and it is popularly called “African chewing gum.” The botanical name of the fruit is Azanza garckeana, while the English name is Snot Apple. The scientific name of Goron Tula is Azanza garckeana. [1]

The fruit can be eaten alone or can be used as an additive in soups and porridge. But most people consume the fruit for its many health benefits, especially concerning sex.

In fact, the fruit is called “miracle fruit” because of its many benefits. It is rich in nutrients ascorbic acid, amino acids, glucosides, and so on.

It also has antifungal and antimalarial benefits and also has antioxidants that help fight antibodies and free radicals that could cause cancer.

The fruit is also used in the preparation of aphrodisiacs and other sex enhancement products because of has been said to increase libido and also facilitate intercourse generally.

In this blog post, we would be looking at some health benefits of Goron Tula. Before that let’s find out more on the nutritional and phytochemical composition of Goron Tula.

Health Benefits of Goron Tula

Nutritional Composition of Goron Tula

According to a 2015 study which examined the nutritional and phytochemical composition of Goron Tula, it was discovered that the plant is an excellent source of proteins, minerals, fibre, vitamins.

The phytochemical composition of Azanza garckeana seed was also found to be (3.70%) Alkaloids, (0.22%) Tannin, (1.72%) Saponin, (1.00%) Flavonoids,(2.60%) Phenols, (0.33 ug/g) Cyanogenic glucosides, and (3.40%) Carotenoids. [2]

Another study also found terpenes, crude proteins, vitamin A, B 1, B 2, C and E in the fruits and leaves.  [3]

Health Benefits Of Goron Tula

Goron Tula plant is used as herbal remedy for treating diseases like cough, menstruation abnormalities, chest pain,  sexually transmitted infections, infertility and hepatic impairments. [4] [5]

1. May increase libido

Goron Tula has been observed to increase sexual desire in both men and women, sustaining it and making sex pleasurable. It is a better alternative to drugs and medicines that are sold that contain chemicals that harm the body in a way.

Goron Tula can be used as a natural aphrodisiac to encourage sex and make it more pleasurable with your partner. It helps lubricate the vagina, making it less painful and also helping women achieve orgasm more easily.

According to a 2021 study, Goron Tula (Azanza garckeana F. Hoffm) might serve as a booster of female sexual arousal and vaginal lubrication.

Although, there is very little medical or scientific evidence that suggests that Goron Tula increases libido.

2. Detoxifies the body

Goron Tula could help detoxify the body, eliminating antibodies. This is because it contains carotenoids, which are a type of antioxidant. This also keeps the liver healthy and helps get rid of toxins.

3. May fight cancer

Eating Goron Tula also helps to prevent and fight cancer. This is because carotenoids fight off free radicals in the body that attack cells and turn them cancerous. By consuming Goron Tula, you can prevent cancer before it happens and can also be used to manage cancer while receiving treatment.

One 2015 study showed that Goron Tula contained phytochemicals such as flavonoids and saponins that could help fight cancer.

4. May Prevent High Blood Pressure

Another thing Goron Tula does to our body is to prevent and reduce the risk of high blood pressure. This is due to the presence of tannin, a polyphenol present in the fruit.

5. Might Help Boost Fertility

Goron Tula also boosts fertility in men and women. Besides increasing libido and addressing sexual desire in both partners, eating the fruit also increases the quality of sperm and also tackles issues like erectile dysfunction. It also balances menstruation in women. This particular benefit is very evident in the people who take the fruit as they always have many children. [6]

6. May Cleanse The Vagina

Goron Tula also helps in cleaning the female reproductive organ or lady parts and getting rid of bad odour in the area. The chaff of the fruit is burnt, or hot water is poured in it, and the steam is used to clean the vagina directly.

7. Could ease bowel movement

Eating Goron Tula can also ease bowel movement and aid the digestion process. This would make it easy to swallow and digest foods without fear of having a stomach upset or if the food is not digesting properly.

Bottom Line

Goron Tula (Azanza garckeana) is an important medicinal and food plant popularly used in Northern Nigeria as herbal medicines. Azanza garckeana has been said to be useful in traditional medicine for treating more than 20 human diseases and ailments. The health benefits  of Goron Tula includes it’s abiity to boost fertility, improve libido and digestive system.




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