5 Dirtiest Things In Your House Right Now

Dirtiest Things In Your House Right Now

Take a look around your house now and answer this simple question; is your house clean or not? Sure, you sweep it every day and perform deep cleaning regularly to leave your house clean and shining. While these are good things, not everything in your house is clean. Think about it, do you really clean everything in your house? You would, no doubt, leave some things, or clean them less frequently than the others.

In other words, there are some very dirty things in your house right now. Some of these are things you would usually ignore, but they gather a lot of dirt and germs, that it is almost impossible to keep clean. So, let us get right into some of the dirty things in your home right now. 

1. Remote Control

When last did you clean your remote control? Most people cannot remember that. because we use our remote control every day, we tend to forget that they gather germs, especially when we live with other people. Some people even own two or three remote controls for different gadgets. Remote controls store a lot of dirt and germs, which are easily passed on from person to person. 

Take your time to properly clean the remote control with a soft cloth dabbed with rubbing alcohol. Make sure you get between the buttons and clean both the front and the back of the control. Take out the battery and clean there too. Do this at least once every week to keep your remote control clean and germ-free. 

2. Kitchen Sponge

Dirtiest Things In Your House Right Now

Chances are you never imagined your kitchen sponge to be among the list of dirty things in your house, but this is not a lie. Think of how you use the sponge to wash your dirty utensils. Medical studies have found out that the kitchen sponge contains a lot of bacteria. Every time you use it to wash, it gathers more germs. This continues to build up to the point where washing your utensils would be much worse than just leaving them. 

Change your sponge frequently. You should not use a kitchen sponge for too long. Make it a habit to change it every month or two. That way, you limit the build-up of germs. Also always air the sponge after use. Keep it in a clean corner where it can dry properly before the next use. There are so many dirty things in your kitchen, such as the kitchen sink, and kitchen towel. 

3. Towel

Your towel is a chief suspect in some of the dirty things in your house right now. Since it is not something you should wash often, some people go months without washing their towels. So, after taking their time to bathe properly, you would only make yourself dirty again by using your dirty towel to clean your body.     

Make it a habit to wash your towel frequently. At least, once every month. 

4. Cutting Board

The cutting board in your kitchen holds more germs than you imagine. Those cuts made by knives in the past are perfect hiding spots for germs and other microbes. Also, if you do not properly clean the board after use, the surface would be dirty and could contaminate the next thing you slice on it. 

Always clean your board before and after use. Once in a while, clean it with soap and hot water to kill the germs in the cuts. 

5. Toothbrush

You knew it would get to this. First, if you have had your toothbrush for more than three months, you should put it in the bin now and get a new one. Some people use their toothbrushes for up to a year and more. This is bad as not only would the needles get soft, but a lot of germs from your teeth would be hiding on the brush. 

Just change your brush regularly and always clean well after use. Once in awhile, you can also place your toothbrush in hot water for a few minutes after making use of it.

Bottom Line

It’s always good to be hygienic and maintain a healthy life. However, you need to thoroughly clean areas in home that often neglected. You should set out time to clean these dirtiest things in your home mentioned above. That way you will be totally healthy and hygienic.



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