How to Reduce Waste at Home: 6 Effective Methods

How to reduce waste at home

Every day, we have to deal with waste in and around the home. The troubling thing is that there seems to be no way to get rid of them. Instead, day after day, we continue to pile up waste until it becomes a problem. The kind of world we live in today and the lifestyle you choose contribute to the waste problem. These days, almost every product we buy is sealed in nylon, plastic, or packaging of similar material. Such packaging is only meant to be used once, and the moment it is open, it becomes waste. But nylon is not the only thing that counts as waste. Waste is simply anything that we no longer need. Such a thing may have once been useful in the past, like clothes, shoes, kitchenware, home appliances, and so on, but you no longer need them now. No doubt, still having them around would make your house untidy and unnecessarily choked up and stuffy.

That is why in this article, we would be looking at ways to reduce waste around the house. We will also look at some of the benefits of reducing waste at home.

How to Reduce Waste At Home

How to reduce waste at home

Knowing how to reduce waste at home is imperative to having a clean and safe home. Here are some simple steps you can take to reduce waste at home.

Use Reusable Bags When Shopping

A good way to reduce waste is to prevent them in the first place. One type of waste you would always have to deal with are the bags you get from shopping. Just one shopping trip can get you between 3 to 5 plastic bags, which you would add to the many you already have. Rather than keep piling up plastic bags, you can take your own bags with you when you go shopping. This bag can be used as many times as you want. Think about how much waste you would get to save from shopping with reusable bags.

Buy Product With Less Packaging

Some products come with more packaging than you can handle. First, you have to deal with the carton, then bubble wrap, then plastic wrappings for the product. If the product comes in small, little parts, then each piece would be wrapped in plastic as well. Most snacks, can come with nylon wraps. Whatever reason or advantage exists to justify the many packaging used, you would still have to deal with the waste nonetheless. So stick with products that come with as little packaging as possible.

Buy Items In Bulk

Buying items in bits could cause more waste than you can handle. That is why you should take the time to buy things you need in bulk. Rather than make frequent trips to the mall, you can go once in a month. This would not only leave you with less waste but would also save your time and energy.

Have A Yard Sale

Like we said in the beginning, waste does not mean the product is condemned or useless, but that you no longer need them. Some of the things that may not be useful to you may be useful to someone else. You can have a yard sale where you sell such items, which could be valuable to someone else. Such things include furniture, appliances, kitchenware, clothes, and so on. Remember, the purpose of a yard sale is to discard the products, so you should keep the prices down. You can auction them and have people place bids or just let them call the price.

Think Recycling

Paper, glass, plastic, and other materials can all be recycled into new products. Sometimes, people leave waste around their house because they do not know how to dispose of it the right way. You can take them to plants and other places to have them recycled where they would be turned into new products, plus you know they would not pollute the environment. This is a better option than dumping them indiscriminately.

Repurpose Items

If you look around properly, some of the waste you have around can be used for something else. For example, the carton that came with a product can be used to keep books, stationaries, or any other thing. Old bottles can be used as flower vases or bird feeders or to store something else.

Waste Management in Nigeria

The need to reduce waste at home is moreso Important in Nigerian homes. There generally poor waste management practices in Nigeria. The common waste disposal methods practiced in Nigeria, include burying of refuse, open-air burning, and open dumping, which are not good and even endangers public health and the environment.

Benefits of Reducing Waste At Home

Here are some of the benefits of reducing waste at home:

  • The surroundings are cleaner, and hygienic
  • Minimise the effect of hazardous or nuisance wastes at home
  • Avoid pollution of the environment
  • Reduce waste disposal costs
  • Save money from repurposing items
  • Improved home ventilation.


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