5 Creamy Health Benefits of Greek Yoghurt

Greek Yoghurt health benefits
Greek Yoghurt health benefits

What is Greek Yoghurt?

Greek Yoghurt or strained yoghurt is a type of yoghurt that is strained to remove the whey (whey is a liquid which contains lactose, a natural sugar found in dairy products). This straining process results in a creamier, thicker, and sour-tasting yoghurt. Greek yoghurt is made from milk that has been nourished by boiling off some of its lactose, water content, or by adding extra butterfat and powdered milk. It is often made from low-fat or fat-free milk. [1]

Thus, Greek yoghurt has less sugar, more carbohydrates, and the acidity makes it easy for your body to absorb other nutrients. This article discusses the nutritional value and health benefits of greek yoghurt.

Nutritional Value of Greek Yoghurt

Greek yoghurt is an excellent source of protein and contain double the amount of protein in other yoghurts. It is also very rich in calcium, iodine, probiotics, and vitamin B12. They are normally low in carbohydrates, sodium, sugar, and doesn’t contain any of the water-soluble vitamins. 100 grams of Greek yoghurt contains about 59 calories. [2]

Greek Yoghurt health benefits
Greek Yoghurt health benefits

Health Benefits of Greek Yoghurt

Below are some of the health benefits of Greek yogurt.

1. Great source of protein

Protein is important for good health. It helps the cell grow, repair tissue, and builds muscle. As people get older, they may need more protein to keep their skin healthy. It also prevents sickness.

Consuming greek yoghurt is a great way to boost the level of protein in your body. You need more protein as you age to maintain your muscles mass. Opting for greek yoghurt will give your body more protein compared to other regular yoghurts. One study stated that the intake of greek yoghurt could play a role in improving the nutritional status and health of older adults. [3]


2. Supports muscle and bone health

This is another fantastic health benefit of Greek yoghurt. As it is rich in calcium, it promotes bone health and can reduce the risk of osteoporosis, making it crucial for healthy bones. Calcium is also pivotal in building strong muscles and helping your vital organs perform optimally. 

Additionally, its high calcium content is key both to weight loss and your overall health. Adequate intake of calcium into your body you can limit fat production in the body.

3. Rich in Vitamin B12

Greek yoghurt is full of Vitamin B12, which is important for health and energy brain function. Many people like to supplement vitamin B12 into their diet daily, but Greek yoghurt offers a great natural alternative. Greek yoghurt is a great meat-free way to include more to your diet.

4. Boosts your gut health with probiotics

Wondering what probiotics are? Well, they are healthy bacteria that can aid boost your immune system and lower stomach problems such as diarrhea and stomach pain.

Probiotics live in the intestines, and that having good microorganisms in the intestines keeps the body healthy. If there is an absence of a healthy balance of good bacteria from probiotics from the body, bad bacteria can gather and cause damages to the immune system. Greek yogurt contains probiotics. Regular intake of greek yoghurt will give a healthy bacterial balance in the gut. [4]


5. Excellent source of iodine

Iodine is important for the proper function of the thyroid. The thyroid is very important for growth, healing, and a healthy metabolism. [5]

Many people are iodine-deficient, which can result in serious health problems, including fast fluctuations in weight. Since your body doesn’t produce iodine, it is imperative that you get enough iodine by consuming greek yoghurt. 

How to add greek yoghurt to your diet

There are so many ways you can enjoy Greek yoghurt and incorporate it into your diet. You can make a smoothie with it, or add fruits inside the yogurts and drink. You can take the yoghurt as your post-workout recovery snack. Greek yoghurt is readily available in Nigeria, and can even be made at home. The price of Greek yoghurt in Nigeria is about ₦1200 – ₦2000.

Bottom Line

Greek yoghurt is strained yoghurt with removes the whey, sugar and makes it thicker. It is very rich in protein and has some amazing nutrients. The health benefits of Greek yoghurt include it’s rich calcium, iodine, probiotic and vitamin B12 content, which helps to give healthy bones, boost metabolism, and improve gut health.



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