5 Efficient Ways To Keep Your Kitchen Clean

Ways to keep your kitchen clean

The kitchen is one part of the house that should always be clean. Because you do a lot of things in the kitchen, it is not surprising that it gets dirty or messy easily. But you cannot afford to leave it like so, because of the nature of what you do in the kitchen, making food. That is why you have to make sure that your kitchen is always clean as it is only proper that you prepare food in a clean environment. Remember, a clean kitchen is a healthy kitchen.

For many people, keeping their kitchen clean can be much of a chore and it has gotten to the point where they do not even attempt to clean it up at all. But it does not have to be like that. That is why here, we would be looking at some ways to keep your kitchen clean. 

Ways to keep your kitchen clean

1. Clean As You Use

Perhaps the most important kitchen advice is you should clean up as you use it. Many people find cleaning their kitchen to be much of a chore because they often compound what needs to be done, especially when cooking. They just make use of utensils and keep dumping them in the sink or on the counter till there is no longer any free space. This also means that you would have a lot to wash once you are done making use of the kitchen. The sight of the pile of things you have to wash can put you off. That is why you should ensure you clean up your utensils as you use them. As soon as you finish making use of a spoon, wash it. The moment you are done with a pot or pan, make sure you get it washed. 

To make things easy to remember, always aim to start and end your cooking with an empty sink and clean counter. 

2. Have A Place For Everything

Another important tip to follow is to have a place for everything. Oftentimes, your kitchen may look messy because everything is everywhere. This could cause your kitchen to look crammed up and disorganised. That is why you should make sure that everything in your kitchen has a place. You could install cupboards and wall racks to keep things. This also makes it easier for you to remember where things are in your kitchen. 

3. Wipe Stains As Soon As They Occur

Keep an eye put for stains and splashes and wipe them as soon as they occur. This could be a stain on the floor, counter, or cooker. Cleaning stains as soon as they occur would keep your kitchen clean and save you from the stress of removing tough stains later on. It would also help preserve your counter and kitchen floor. 

4. Do Regular Cleanups

Choose a day of the week when you would perform a thorough cleanup of your kitchen. Take your time to properly clean all parts of the kitchen, including the floor and counter. You should also use this time to clean the appliances to ensure that they always function well. Dirty kitchen utensils is one of the causes of food poisoning, so it’s imperative to clean your kitchen thoroughly regularly.


5. Wash Your Kitchen Sponge

The kitchen sponge is one of the dirtiest items in the kitchen. One 2017 study found out that there were 362 different kinds of bacteria present in an average kitchen sponge. Kitchen sponges are perfect breeding grounds for bacteria, because of the amount of food residue that can stick on them, and because they are always moist. To keep your kitchen clean, you should wash and sanitize your kitchen sponge.

You can clean your kitchen sponge with a dishwasher, or make use of vinegar, bleach and hot water. You should sanitize your kitchen sponge daily, and replace it often.




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