How to Keep Your Armpits Clean and Fresh

How to keep your armpit clean

Keeping your body clean is a good step in being healthy. From the tip of your head to the toes on your feet, you should always make sure that you take proper care of your body. Some parts of the body are relatively easy to care for than others. One of the toughest areas to keep clean is the armpits. The armpits require more than just regular washing, although that is quite essential. But washing the armpits alone would not stop them from being dirty and smelly, and this could make you very self-conscious

So today, we would be looking at some ways to keep your armpits clean. 

How to keep your armpit clean

1. Shave Your Armpit Hair

Puberty left you with some unnecessary features, such as hair in your armpits. Armpit hair serves as one of the major factors that keep it dirty because it traps sweat, which causes the armpit to smell.

To get rid of the hair, use a shaving stick and gently scrape the hair under your arms. You may need to do this every 2 weeks or every month, depending on how fast your hair grows. But you should make sure that the hair does not grow to a reasonable length. Shaving your armpit hair would help you get rid of the smell and also reduce the way you sweat in that area. 

2. Use Deodorant

Make it a rule to never step out of the house without using deodorant. A deodorant would help keep your armpits dry and prevent them from sweating. It also has fragrance, so this would add to your body musk. Using deodorant would make you feel fresh as you go about your day without you breaking a sweat, literally. Deodorant comes in spray or roll-on options and you will find the one that suits you best. 

3. Let Your Armpits Breath

Another tip in keeping your armpits clean is to air them out. This you can do by wearing sleeveless or loose-fitting clothes that would not be tight around the armpit area. Some people are always dressed in tight clothes for most of the day, giving their armpit very little chance of getting air. Staying in tight clothes would also make you sweat more, causing your armpit to smell. That is why you should wear shirts that allow your armpit to breathe. 

4. Wash Your Armpits Regularly

Just like your face and other parts of your body, you should endeavour to wash your armpits every day. When having your bath in the morning and evening, make sure you wash your armpits then. If you go for a run or engage in some other physical activity, make sure to wash your armpits when you return. Washing your armpits would keep it fresh as you wash away the sweat that has dried in that region. 

5. Stay Healthy

Living a healthy life would help keep your armpits clean. Make sure you drink water regularly. Eat your fruits and vegetables. Cut down on your habits, such as smoking cigarettes. Numerous research have linked eating healthy to reducing body odor.





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