7 Ways To Keep Your House Smelling Good

Ways To Keep Your House Smelling Good

Your house has a smell. You may not realise it because you live there but the smell is the first thing your visitors or guests notice as soon as they step into your house. The last thing you want is for your visitors to be hit with a pungent odour that your nose may not have picked up. That is why you must make sure that your house smells nice at all times.

The smell of your house has a lot to do with how clean your house is. Cleanliness goes beyond just sweeping the house regularly or dusting the furniture. There are other things you have to do to make sure that the smell around your house is pleasing at least. 

Several things could make your home smell, such as the age of your house, if you have a pet indoors, If you have little kids, and so on. The good thing is, none of these smells is impossible to get rid of. That is why today, we would be looking at ways to keep your house smelling good. 

1. Open The Windows

The first place to begin is to keep your windows open for air to come in from outside. Keeping your windows and door shut could make the room stuffy. This would prevent funny smells from escaping and also keep good, fresh air from filtering into your home. 

When you wake up in the morning, open the windows around the house. When cooking, keep the kitchen windows open for the cooking smell to escape, rather than circulate the house. 

2. Properly Dispose of The Garbage

Another thing to do is to properly dispose of the garbage around the house. Carefully collect dirt and other trash from around the house and dispose of them properly. There is no use leaving garbage lying around or inside your home where it would only mess up the smell of your house. 

3. Properly Dry Your Clothes/Shoes

Wet shoes and clothes contribute to the musty smell you may perceive around your home. That is why you should make sure that you properly dry your shoes and clothes before bringing them in. If you wash clothes and they are not dried by night, look for a place to keep them for the night and take them out to dry the next day. Do not store wet clothes in the wardrobe. The same applies to your shoes. 

4. Clean Your Refrigerator 

Your refrigerator may be responsible for the awful smell around your home. This may happen after a long period of a power outage or when you store certain things in the fridge. That is why you should take your time out, at least once a week to properly clean the fridge. Take out anything you feel may be adding to the bad smell. Clean up all the dirty water sitting at the bottom of the fridge. Just make sure to keep it tidy. 

5. Use An Air Freshener

Using an air freshener would keep your house smelling nice and fresh. Make sure to go for one made from natural products. For that, you may have to go for handmade/local air freshener rather than the ones made by big brands. Air fresheners come in different fragrances, so you can always find one you like best. This is one of the most effective ways to keep your house smelling good.

6. Burn Scented Candles 

Burning scented candles can also improve the smell of your house a great deal. Just like air fresheners, scented candles come in different variants. But no matter which you pick, burning it would always improve the smell of your house. 

7. Use Air Purifiers

Using an air purifier is an effective way to  get rid of lingering odours and unpleasant smells in your home. Air purifiers are able to remove cooking odors, odours from pets, and other irritating smells from your home. Air purifiers work by filtering the air in your home and trapping particles such as dust or pet dander. It has an activated carbon filter, which traps and neutralizes most odours in your home.



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