Scabies Infection in Nigeria

Scabies Infection in Nigeria: Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

Scabies is a highly contagious skin infestation. It caused an itchy, red rash to form on the skin. It is caused by the Sarcoptes...
Common STDs in Nigeria

5 Common Sexually Transmitted Diseases in Nigeria

Sexually transmitted diseases or STD are diseases or infections that are passed in the process of sexual intercourse. Some of these infections can only...
Nigerian Foods That Boosts Sperm Count

7 Nigerian Foods That Boosts Sperm Count

As a man, especially one who is planning to have children, your sperm count has to be high. Sometimes when a couple has issues...
Exercises For Menstrual Cramps

5 Effective Exercises For Menstrual Cramps

Your monthly period comes with a lot of discomforts. As if having to deal with mood swings and bloating is not enough, you also...
Causes of Heavy Menstrual Flow

8 Likely Causes of Heavy Menstrual Flow

Menstrual flow is not always the same. Some are light, while some can be quite heavy, causing the woman to change her pad more...
Things Every Nigerian Should Know About HIV

6 Things Every Nigerian Should Know About HIV

The subject of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is one most Nigerians approach with care and caution. This often makes it difficult for people to...
Is it healthy to swallow sperm

Is It Healthy To Swallow Semen?

One question that often crosses the mind of sexually adventurous people is if it is healthy to swallow semen. There are many misconceptions relating...
Things to do after having unprotected sex

Things To Do After Having Unprotected Sex

If you have just recently had sex without using a condom, there may be a lot going through your mind. There are a lot...
Medical Tests To Do Before Marriage

8 Crucial Medical Tests To Do Before Marriage

Meeting someone you wish to spend the rest of your life with can be such a magical feeling. But before you commit to them...
Watery semen Infertility

Does Watery Semen Indicate Infertility?

Water semen is a problem that affects men at some point in their lives, either temporarily or lasting for a long time. The causes...



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