5 Effective Exercises For Menstrual Cramps

Exercises For Menstrual Cramps

Your monthly period comes with a lot of discomforts. As if having to deal with mood swings and bloating is not enough, you also have to battle cramps, which can be very painful.

Most women would agree that it is almost impossible to describe how much menstrual cramps hurt. To subside the pain, some people take painkillers and some other medications.

While this tends to work, not everyone finds it easy to take medications. However, there are certain exercises for menstrual cramps, which can help you immensely.

One thing you have probably never considered is exercise. Exercises can prove very effective in lessening the pain you get from menstrual cramps.

The good thing about exercise is that it brings this natural relief you would not get from painkillers or other medications. Plus, you would not have to depend on these drugs.

Another benefit of exercises for your menstrual cramps is that it increases your energy levels, giving you strength during a period when you are more likely to be low in energy. 

Today, we would be looking at some of the exercises you can do for your menstrual cramps. 

Exercises For Menstrual Cramps

1. Walking

Walking is an overlooked exercise. Instead of staying at home, curled up on your couch, go out for a brisk walk. Go for a long stroll, aiming for 30 mins – 1 hour.

The good thing about walking is that there are not a lot of things involved. Just make sure to maintain an even pace.

Numerous studies have shown that light cardio exercises can help with pain from menstrual cramps and dysmenorrhea.

The benefit of this exercise is that, when it is done well, it stimulates the release of endorphins which help to lessen the pain you feel from the cramps.   

2. Glute Bridge

This is another rewarding exercise for your menstrual cramps. To do this, follow the steps below;

  • Lie on your back with your knees bent, keeping your feet together. 
  • Extend your fingertips so it almost touches your heels. You may have to raise your back and pelvis to achieve this. 
  • Press into your feet and raise your pelvis about 2 inches from your exercise mat. 
  • Using your glutes (buttocks and thighs), further raise your pelvis with your upper back still on the ground. 
  • Return to your position in step 3 and repeat the whole process. 

3. Stretches

Another exercise you can do to ease menstrual cramps is stretch. There are different kinds of stretches that work out, but they are all fairly easy to do.

Stretches involve extending parts of your body, especially your limbs. This helps to ease tension in those areas and would give you proper relief. 

4. Running

Running is another fun aerobic exercise you can do. You do not have to run fast like you are in a race. Just go at your own pace.

What is most important is that you feel exhausted or out of breathe, which is a sign that you did the exercise well. It is best to do this early in the morning or late in the evening when it is cool and calm. 

5. Swimming

Swimming is another one of the effective exercises for menstrual cramps. If you’re wondering if it’s safe to swim on your period, the answer is yes, it is safe to swim on your period.

Swimming on your period does not increase your risk of infection. If you swim while on your period and you are not wearing any menstrual products, the water pressure can temporarily reduce your flow, but it won’t stop it completely.

A recent study was conducted on 70 people who experience PMS and found out that that swimming can significantly decreased many of their physical and psychological symptoms associated with menstrual cramps.

Bonus: Yoga

If you are into yoga, a perfect time to do it is during your period as it is good for your menstrual cramps. Yoga poses and the meditation that comes with it would help to relax your body, which is something that would reduce the pain that comes with the cramps. 



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