11 Nigerian Foods Rich In Vitamin B12

Nigerian Foods Rich In Vitamin B12

Food is any substance that can nourish the body without causing harm when taken in. Certain local foods contain essential minerals and vitamins which provide nutrients to the human body.

Vitamin B12 is beneficial and can be found in many Nigerian foods. Vitamin B12, also known as cobalamin, is a water-soluble vitamin that plays a role in metabolism. It is one of eight B vitamins.

Vitamins B12 help in the formation of red blood cells and DNA and helps in brain development. It also improves the hair texture, skin, and nails.

It is recommended that an adult gets 2.4 mcg of vitamin B12 daily, while pregnant or breastfeeding moms get 2.6 mcg and 2.8 mcg, respectively. Vitamin B12 deficiency may cause to a reduction in healthy red blood cells (anaemia), and nervous system may also be adversely affected.

This article will introduce you to some Nigerian foods rich in vitamin B12.

Nigerian Foods Rich In Bitamin B12

1. Catfish

Health Benefits of Catfish

Catfish is a popular food in Nigeria. It is used to prepare delicacies such as catfish pepper soup, banga soup, and nsala soup. However, it also a good source of vitamin B12.

A 100-gram serving of catfish contains 121% of the Daily Value DV for vitamin B12. Though several fish are high in this vitamin, catfish is a particularly remarkable source of vitamin B12.

2. Parfait

Health Benefits Of Parfait

Parfait is a rich cold dessert made with whipped cream, grains, and yogurt. It is also widely sold and consumed in Nigeria.

Parfaits are excellent sources of vitamin B12. There are many other amazing health benefits of parfait.

3. Animal liver and kidney

Beef liver vitamin D Foods in Nigeria

Specific organs in an animal, such as the liver and kidney, are sufficient in vitamin B12, which is essential in the human body.

For example, the kidney and liver of a lamb are highly rich in this nutrient compared to other animals.

4. Eggs


The egg is a product of poultry birds which is an excellent source of protein, and its yolk also contains vitamin B12.

The yolk of an egg quickly digests compared to its albumen (egg white). It’s therefore advisable to consume both the yolk of an egg and its albumen at a go.

5. Beef

Is Red Meat Good For The Body?

This meat is low in fat, gotten from animals, primarily castles. When searching for beef, it’s appropriate to go for meats gotten from locally or grass-fed cattle. These animals produce lean meat that is very rich in vitamins B12.

6. Shrimps

Nigerian Foods Rich In Vitamin B12

The shrimps are sea organisms that belong to the crustacean species and the prawn family. They are a rich source of vitamin B12 and the mineral choline, enhancing heart and brain health.

They are also rich in selenium, niacin, zinc, vitamin E, and vitamin B6. There are so many Nigerian shrimp recipes.

7. Sardines

Health benefits of Titus fish

Sardines are small, soft-boned saltwater fish which are usually canned. They are readily available in Nigeria and used in the preparation of a variety of dishes.

Sardines are one of the best sources of vitamin B12 available. In fact, A 150-gram serving of drained sardines provides 554% of the DV for vitamin B12.

They also contain many other vitamins and minerals and offer a plethora of health benefits.

8. Chicken

Chicken and Chips

This is the meat gotten from poultry birds, and they are rich in vitamin B12 and other essential vitamins and minerals. 

9. Crab meat

Crab is a seafood that has a hard shell. The blue and red king crabs are nutritious and contain sufficient vitamin B12 and other minerals.

A 100-gram serving of crabs contains 9 mcg of vitamin B12, 300% of the DV. It can be used to prepare sauce and pepper soup. 

10. Turkey

Turkey Nigerian Foods For Bodybuilding

This is another kind of poultry bird that’s rich in minerals and vitamins, including vitamin B12. It can be boiled, fried, roasted, or grilled to give a delicious meal.

Turkey meat also have many other nutritional benefits.

11. Mushrooms

Slippery Jack Mushroom

The mushroom belongs to the fungal species that grows naturally on decayed wood. It’s a good source of vitamin B12, vitamin D, and other minerals such as potassium, phosphorus, etc. It can be added to soups like pepper soup when cooking.


The above are a few of the numerous Nigerian foods that are rich in vitamin B12. These foods don’t just give vitamins B12; they also are rich in other vitamins and minerals and boost health. 



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