Can Andrew Liver Salt Be Used To Prevent Early Pregnancy?

Can Andrew Liver Salt prevent pregnancy

It is a belief that Andrew liver salt can prevent pregnancy, and this has been widely accepted in Nigeria.  

In fact, a 2021 survey was done to determine the contraceptive knowledge and use among University Students in Calabar, Nigeria. The survey found out many of the students believed that pharmaceuticals such as antibiotics, quinine, and Andrews Livers Salt-a laxative are contraceptive agents.

They also reported the use of non-pharmaceuticals such as water, salt solution, and squatting after intercourse as contraceptives. However, are those claims true?

Does this mean that Andrew liver salt prevents pregnancy? What does Andrew liver salt do in the body? What can be taken to prevent pregnancy? 

This article will answer all of these questions. 

Can Andrew liver salt prevent pregnancy?

No, Andrew, liver salt cannot prevent pregnancy. It is neither spermicide nor a contraceptive. It is an antacid, and a subtract of a laxative. It does not contain any properties of a contraceptive or a spermicide. Thus, andrew liver salt will not wash out sperm after sex.

What does Andrew liver salt do in the body?

Andrew liver salt is an antacid that can control the levels of acid in the stomach. It works by either neutralizing stomach acid that helps to aid digestion, increasing its pH or bl, or blocking the secretion of acid by gastric cells to reduce acidity in the stomach.

The stomach naturally produces acid to help with the digestion of food and to kill bacteria. Because this acid is corrosive, your body builds up a natural mucous barrier to protect the lining of the stomach from being destroyed.

Sometimes, this barrier may have broken down, allowing the acid to damage the stomach, which could result in ulcers.

Because Andrew liver salt works by neutralizing the stomach acid, this makes the contents of the stomach less corrosive and therefore relieves the pain and burning sensations associated with stomach ulcers, heartburn, and acid reflux. 

Can Andrew Liver Salt prevent pregnancy?
Can Andrew Liver Salt prevent pregnancy?

Does ampiclox and andrew liver salt prevent pregnancy?

Some people have also wondered if ampiclox and andrew liver salt can be used to prevent pregnancy. This is also false.

Ampiclox is a used drug that is to treat patients with bacterial infections, such as meningitis, gonorrhea, and infections of the stomach or intestine, as well as urinary tract and respiratory tract infections. There’s no medical evidence that ampiclox beecham and Andrew liver salt cannot prevent pregnancy.

Can salt and water prevent pregnancy?

Apart from the Andrew liver, salt, salt and water have been said to be used as emergency contraception to prevent pregnancy after unprotected sex. However, it is false; drinking salt and water can’t prevent pregnancy.

What can be taken to prevent pregnancy?

  1. Use of condoms.
  2. Use of hormonal injectables.
  3. Oral contraceptive tablets.
  4. Use of spermicides.
  5. Insertion of the intrauterine contraceptive device (IUD).
  6. Bilateral tubal ligation.

Andrew liver salt does not prevent pregnancy. It is an antacid that controls the level of acid in the stomach. There are many ways to prevent pregnancy, as listed in the article.



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