10 Disadvantages Of Having Sex Every Day

Disadvantages Of Having Sex Everyday

Having intercourse with your partner is one way of creating a strong bond and intimacy in a relationship. Many couples have sex at different frequencies. Some engage in it once or twice a week or month, while some engage in sexual activities a bit more often. However, there are some people who have sex every day. These people might wonder if there are any disadvantages to having sex every day. Although there is no major medical evidence that there are negative effects of having sex every day, and it can impact your physical or mental wellbeing, there are some possible drawbacks to engaging in daily sex.

Here are some likely disadvantages of having sex every day:

1. Obsession

Having regular sex could result in an addiction, as you become so preoccupied with it. This could also lead to a disconnection between you and your partner, as you’d develop an unusual sex drive.

2. Chafing

Chafing is a condition that results from prolonged rubbing on the skin. It usually makes your skin sting, burn, and develop a mild, red rash. In severe cases, chafing will cause swelling, bleeding, or crusting. 

When you have sex every day, there will be excessive friction from all that rubbing, thrusting, vibrating, smooching, and kissing, which can leave your skin chafed. In addition, frequent touching of your delicate parts is bound to leave your parts painful and tender.

3. Loss of interest

Having sex could be fun, but excessive engagement might result in a loss of interest while in the very act. This could result from weakness due to regular sex.

2015 survey of 30,000 people found that partners who had excessive sex are no longer happier.

4. Increased risk of sexually transmitted infections (STIs)

Having sex every day with multiple people can increase the risk of contracting or transmitting an STI.

The more often you have sex, the more likely you are to increase the chances of contracting an STI. However, getting regular STI testing will help prevent infection and transmission.

5. Tiredness

Sex has been proven to be a form of exercise which increase heartbeat rate, blood pressure, and glucose metabolism. The body, therefore, needs rest after any exercise to regain the lost energy and minerals. However, having sex daily could result in exhaustion which may last long if proper rest is not observed.

Disadvantages Of Having Sex Everyday

6. Scraping of vagina walls

Regular sex could result in the scraping of the vulva skin in women due to excess penetration. This could damage the vagina walls, which may cause swollen vagina, hotness while urinating, etc. 

7. Lower back pain

When having sex, a rapid movement mounts stress on the lower back region that causes that area to hurt. It’s normal to experience such pains after any sexual activity. However, when sex becomes regular, the back pain might become chronic, giving you discomfort.

8. Risk of urinary tract infections (UTIs)

When sexual intercourse becomes regular, the body fluids might adjust the natural PH level of the vagina. This could make you vulnerable to the bladder and vaginal infections.

9. Injuries in the sexual organ

During sexual activities, the vagina produces natural fluids which act as lubricants to ease penetration. However, regular sexual activity might reduce the production rate of vaginal fluid. Therefore, this could result in friction that might cause tears in the vagina or breakage on the penis skin.

10. Pain in the penis

Engaging in sexual acts daily could lead to pain and discomfort on the penis. This results from excess penetration, which might also result in discomfort while walking.

How often should I have sex?

There’s no specific time for engaging in a sexual act with your partner. However, you need to take a rest at intervals.

Are there benefits of having sex every day?

Yes, having sex every day comes with its benefits, including good sleep, stress reduction, better sexual functioning etc.


The regularity of having sex is not specific, and you could decide to go every day depending on your body’s needs. Although, there are obvious disadvantages of having sex every day, it shouldn’t stop you from engaging in it as often as possible with your partner. Nonetheless, it’s appropriate to know your body counts and take caution to avoid complications. You might as well need some artificial lubricants in cases where the vagina refuses to come up with some.



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