3 Exercises That Can Make You Taller

Exercises That Can Make You Taller

Are there exercises that can make you taller? Would it not be nice to gain a few extra inches? Height is one of the few things you have little control over. To a large extent, one’s height is dictated by genetics. That is, if your family has a history of having tall people, then the chances are high that you or your children might be tall as well. Likewise, if short people are predominant in your family, on both sides, then you or your children may likely end up short. In other words, nature dictates your height.

This does not mean, however, that you have no contribution to your height. Eating some types of food, especially in your early years, can play a large role and how tall you become. But you should keep in mind that people get to a certain age when they stop growing. For many, it is between the age of 18 and 20. Besides diet, there are also medications and supplements that claim to increase one’s height. The potency of such things cannot be vouched for.

The best option you have is to work out. Many people only think of exercise as it relates to losing weight or building muscles. But there are some exercises you can do that can add an inch or two to your height, although this does not happen immediately. 

If you are interested in exercises that would increase your height, then keep on reading. 

1. Hanging 

Exercises That Can Make You Taller

Hanging your body from a vertical bar helps to stretch out your muscles, especially the muscles around the lower back and spine. This exercise can be done indoors or outdoors. You can hang from a tree branch or a pull-up bar if you have one. You can also use a sturdy horizontal frame that can support your weight to do it.  

To do this exercise, follow the steps below.

  • Make sure the bar/frame/branch is at a height that you can hang from without your toes touching the ground even when you stretch. 
  • Jump and hold on to the bar
  • Make sure you keep your body straight all through 
  • Maintain that position for 30 seconds – 1 minute, then release your grip from the bar. 
  • Do this three times a day. 

2. Stretches 

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Whether it is the cobra stretch, cat stretch, or side stretch, this type of exercise would add some gains to your height, so long you do it the right way. Stretches are very easy to do as they do not require any piece of equipment. You can also do them from the comfort of your bedroom as they do not take up space. 

Stretches involve extending or stretching your muscles while maintaining a particular position. For example, doing stretches in the morning decompresses your intervertebral discs, allowing you to appear one or two inches taller. Doing this religiously, every day, might have a lasting effect in the long run. 

3. Jumping Rope

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Skipping, or jumping in general, can also affect your height. Aim to do about 200 skips every day, and monitor your progress, as you increase the number of skips you do. Make sure to maintain a straight posture while you do so. 

Other things you can do to grow taller:

• Maintain a good posture

You can appear taller by adjusting your posture. Some people appear to crouch when walking or standing. This can make them look shorter than they are. Work on your posture so that your back is straight at all times, even when you are walking or sitting. 

• Watch Your Diet

What you eat can also affect how tall you are. Try to eat foods that are fresh and rich in nutrients. Cut down on processed foods or foods that continue lots of sugars, like carbonated drinks. As a growing teenager, it is crucial that you consume foods high in vitamin D and calcium, as these nutrients are important for bone growth and overall health. Furthermore, eating enough protein is also vital for bone health, and body growth.

• Stay Active 

Play sports, go on a hike, ride a bicycle, and just do things in general that would keep your body active. This would decompress joints and other areas of your body, giving you a taller appearance.



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