15 Nigerian Foods That Are Rich In Protein

Nigerian foods rich in protein
Image Source: The Food Disciple

Foods that are rich in protein are regarded as body building foods. This is because protein contains the very properties or chemicals that ‘build’ the body, or allow the body to grow.

Protein also helps with the repair and replacement of tissues in the body. In addition, a diet rich in protein can help you lose weight and build muscles. Because it is so important, you need to have a balanced intake of protein.

This article provides you with some Nigerian foods rich in protein.

The truth, however, is that most of the time, we rather go for carbohydrate. This does not mean that foods rich in carbohydrate are bad or not needed by the body, but to keep things balanced, you need to have a fair share of protein as well. The problem is that some people do not know which foods fall under proteinous foods. The Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) for protein is simply 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight.

That is why today, we would be looking at 15 popular Nigerian foods that are rich in protein, to help you balance your diet with protein.

1. Beans

Brown beans Nigerian foods that boost metabolism

Beans is, by far, the most popular source of plant protein in Nigeria. Beans is so popular because it is widely accessible, from the North down to the South.

Another thing that makes beans so good is that it can be enjoyed in different ways, such as beans porridge, boli and beans, and so on allowing people to enjoy beans the way they want.

No matter how you choose to have your beans, you would still be reaping the benefits of its high protein content. Beans are also one of the top Nigerian foods for weight loss. Beans like green beans and black-eyed beans.

2. Millet

Health Benefits Of Millet

Although many people do not realise this, millet is very rich in protein, as well as carbohydrate. and fibre.

The protein in millet is quite significant and including it in your diet would supplies your body with enough protein.

There are a lot Nigerian foods made with millet, which are rich in protein. They include, akamu or ogi (pap), kunu zaki, and millet fufu.

3. Eggs


Whether you fry it, boil it, poach it, or have it any other way, you would still get to enjoy the protein in eggs. This applies to all types of eggs you can eat, including chicken eggs, turkey eggs, or guinea fowl eggs. 

Keep in mind that eggs contain a lot of calories, meaning you should not have too many of it at once. 

4. Chicken or Turkey

Turkey Breasts rich in iodine

Not only are chicken and turkey meat tasty, but they are rich in nutrients, including protein. While all areas of chicken and turkey contain protein, the breasts are the part that contain them the most. 

One thing you should do is to remove the skin of the birds before you cook them as they are very rich in fat. Also, note that chicken/turkey have high calorie content. So, you should watch how much you eat. 

5. Goat meat

Health benefits of eating goat meat

Goat meat adds rich flavour to whatever it is cooked with while supplying your body with protein as well. Goat meat also has less fat, making it just right for you. There are so many other amazing health benefits of eating goat meat.

6. Moin moin

Health benefits of Moin Moin
Health benefits of Moin Moin

Moin Moin or Moi moi is a widely eaten snack in Nigeria. It is a steamed bean pudding prepared from a mixture of washed and peeled beans, onions and fresh ground red peppers.

Moin Moin is very rich in protein. In fact, one cup of moin moin contains about 34 grams of protein. It is also a great Nigerian snack for weight loss.

7. Akara

Nigerian foods rich in protein
Image Source: The Food Disciple

Akara or bean cake is a popular Nigerian dish that is made with beans. This makes it one of best foods rich in protein in Nigeria. Three balls of akara can contain up to 14 grams of protein.

8. Cow meat

Also known as beef, cow meat is another great source of protein, with an amazing taste as well. 

9. Milk

If you have not been drinking enough milk before, now you should, as milk supplies your body with nutrients like calcium, magnesium, and protein. Tiger nut and fura da nono are some drinks that are rich in protein in Nigeria.

10. Fish

Health Benefits of smoked catfish

Fish supplies your body with a whole range of nutrients, including protein. The protein content depends on the type of fish as some have it more than the others. But no matter which you eat, your body would gain the protein it needs. 

11. Okpa

Health benefits of okpa
Health benefits of okpa

Okpa or bambara nut pudding is a tasty delicacy that is popular in the Eastern part of Nigeria. It is prepared from bambara nut, and is very rich in protein. Okpa also has a low glycemic index and is great for weight loss.

12. Cashew nuts

Cashew nuts are low in sugar, rich in fiber, contain heart-healthy fats, and above all are an excellent source of plant protein. 100 grams of cashew nuts contains 18 grams of protein. Other nuts that rich in protein in Nigeria are groundnuts, tiger nuts, and almonds.

13. Wheat flour

Health Benefits Of Wheat Flour

Wheat flour is milled from the entire kernel of wheat and comes in two types: soft wheat flour and hard wheat flour. Soft wheat flour has low gluten content, while hard wheat flour contains high gluten content.

Wheat flour is used for various consumption purposes globally, including in Nigeria where it is used as a swallow to eat with soups.

Wheat flour is high in protein, with 10 grams of protein in 100 grams, and whole wheat flour has a total protein content of 13.2%.

14. Snail meat 

Health Benefits of Snail Meat

Snail meat is considered a delicacy in some places, including Nigeria. Despite its unappetizing appearance, skilled preparation can make it difficult to distinguish from other meats.

A 100 g serving of snails provides an impressive 16.5 g of protein, which is about 9 g less than chicken, and only 90 calories, which is less than half the amount of calories in chicken.

In fact, snails are composed of 80% water, 15% protein, and 2.4% fat, which is primarily healthy fat.

15. Leafy green vegetables

Health Benefits of baobab leaves

A lot of leafy green vegetables are used to cooking a variety of foods in Nigeria. For example, baobab leaves are used in preparing Miyan Kuka, jute leaves are used to prepare Ewedu soup, and fluted pumpkin leaves are used in the preparation of vegetable soup.

All these leafy green vegetables are excellent sources of protein. Studies have shown that baobab leaves are high in protein.





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