5 Health Effects Of Air Conditioner

Health Effects Of Air Conditioner

An air conditioner is, these days, considered an appliance you must have if you want to increase the comfort within your home. Stepping in from the hot outdoors into a room that is being cooled with an air conditioner is such a refreshing feeling.

In a country like Nigeria, where the sun can get very hot, having an air conditioner at home can go a long way in making your day much better.

But as with anything of this nature, there have been concerns recently about the health effects of an air conditioner. In as much as it cools a room and keeps you comfortable, there may be some bad sides to using an air conditioner for too long.

Some people hardly go an hour without using their air conditioner. It is always on, at any time of the day, whether morning or night. Too much of one thing may not always be good. 

In this article, we would be looking at some of the observed health effects of using an air conditioner. 

1. Dry Eyes

Staying in a room with an air conditioner for a long time can irritate your eyes, causing them to dry out.

This may cause your visions to get blurry and it may be difficult for you to read or watch things.

If you are going to spend time in a room with an air conditioner, you can try closing your eyes for a few seconds to moisten them a bit.

Also, if you can, try and turn off the air conditioner every few hours, instead of leaving it on all the time. 

2. Headache

Spending your entire day and even night under an air conditioner can cause you to have headaches.

This is more common if the air conditioner has not been serviced in a while.

If you notice that your air conditioner causes you to have headaches, it may be time for you to have it serviced.

This would involve cleaning the filters and performing general maintenance on the air conditioner so that it can run smoothly again. 

3. Allergies

If you are someone with allergies, they can be triggered when you spend time in an air-conditioned room.

This is because an air conditioner picks up and spreads things like dust, hair, pollen, and other things that could trigger allergies.

To prevent that, make sure you clean and maintain your air conditioner very often. 

4. Dry Skin

Air conditioner also dehydrates your skin, making it feel dry, itchy and wrinkly.

This is because an air conditioner takes all the moisture within a room, including the moisture on your skin. 

It would also make you feel dehydrated and you would have to drink water often to hydrate yourself. 

5. Respiratory Problems

People who keep their air conditioner at the lowest temperature increase the risks of having respiratory problems.

Air conditioner irritates the airways, leading to problems with breathing. It may also lead to blocked sinuses, catarrh, cold, and so on. 


There is nothing wrong with using an air conditioner. The health effects of air conditioner here do not have any long-term effects.

To enjoy your air conditioner better, you just have to turn it off at times. Also, make sure you have your air conditioner serviced regularly. This would make sure that the air conditioner is running in a good state. 



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