Health Benefits of Cinnamon Water

13 Valid Health Benefits of Cinnamon Water

If you are reading this, chances are that you are a fan of cinnamon. The spice, which is gotten from the bark of a...
How to protect yourself from teargas

How to Protect Yourself from Tear Gas

What is tear gas? Tear gas refers to a group of chemical irritants commonly used to control or disperse crowds. The common chemical used for...
Nigerian herbs and their health benefits

10 Common Nigerian Herbs and Their Health Benefits

Herbs are plants with leaves, seeds, or flowers that are used for flavoring food, medicine, or fragrances. These particular plants are known for their...
Ways to Improve Environmental health in Nigeria

4 Ways To Improve Environmental Health In Nigeria

The issue of environmental health in Nigeria is one that has lingered for decades. Successive governments have crafted policies and adopted programs to improve...
How to care for your veins

How to Care For Your Veins

The veins are one part of your body that you rarely think about. You know it is there and you already learned about its...
Health benefits of Bitter Kola and Honey

7 Effective Health Benefits of Bitter Kola and Honey

Bitter kola and honey is one mixture that seems a bit ironic. Bitter kola, as you would have deduced from the name, has a...

5 Health Effects of Carbonated Drinks on the Body

Chances are that you have had, at least one carbonated drink this week, or the week before. If you have not had one already,...
Health Effects of Cannabis Edibles

What Are The Health Effects Of Eating Cannabis edibles

Cannabis edibles are anything that can be eaten that contains cannabis or marijuana. They include brownies, cakes, gummies, chocolate bars, and more. So long...
How to Keep Your Prostate Healthy

How to Keep Your Prostate Healthy

If you are a man, as you age, there are some things you have to take seriously, health-wise. One of those is your prostate...
Health Effects of Herbal Medicines

Crucial Health Effects of Herbal Medicines To Know

Herbal medicine or traditional medicine involves the use of plants to treat diseases and illnesses. Parts of the plants are used, such as the...



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