7 Health Benefits Of White Vitamin C

Health Benefits Of White Vitamin C

Vitamin C is one of the essential vitamins that your body does not produce but needs for proper functioning. It has been scientifically linked to many fantastic health benefits. Due to its impressive health benefits, it is recommended that men should take up to 90 and women 75 mg.

It’s water-soluble, and you can get it in many vegetables and fruits, including bell peppers, kiwi fruit, kale, broccoli, oranges, strawberries, and spinach. Also, you can get it from supplements.

Vitamin C can also be taken as supplements and medications in small tablets. One of the most common types of vitamin C tablet is the white vitamin C. What is the difference between white and coloured vitamin C? And are there any health benefits of white vitamin C?

Find the answers out in the article below.

What is the difference between white and coloured vitamin C?

The truth is there’s no real difference between white and coloured vitamin C tablets. They both have the same active ingredient, which is ascorbic acid, in the same amount. The only thing that sets them apart is the colour of the tablet. The colour is just a result of the added colorants or coating used during manufacturing. So essentially, the coloured vitamin C has added amount of sweetener, flavor, and colorant, while the white vitamin C doesn’t have this.

7 Health Benefits of White Vitamin C

Here are the seven scientifically proven health benefits of white vitamin C.

1. Immune system support

Vitamin C plays a crucial role in supporting the immune system. It helps stimulate the production of white blood cells, essential for fighting off infections and pathogens. Also, vitamin C helps to strengthen the white blood cells to work effectively by protecting them from free radicals.

Vitamin C is a crucial part of the skin defense system that is an antioxidant and strengthens the skin defense system.

Taking white vitamin C can promote tissue growth and repair throughout the body and acts as an antioxidant that reduces oxidative stress and lowers the risk of chronic diseases.

Additionally, studies have proven that Vitamin C helps to fasten wound healing time.

2. Acts as an effective antioxidant

One of the health benefits of white Vitamin C is that it acts as an effective antioxidant. It is a potent antioxidant that helps protect cells from damage caused by free radicals. It neutralizes these harmful molecules and may reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease, certain cancers, and age-related macular degeneration.

Studies have shown that regular consumption of vitamin C helps to increase your blood antioxidant level by 30%, which increases your natural defenses against inflammation.

3. Collagen synthesis

Vitamin C is necessary for synthesizing collagen, which provides structure to the skin, bones, tendons, and blood vessels. It promotes wound healing, supports healthy skin, and helps maintain the integrity of connective tissues.

4. Aids iron absorption

Vitamin C enhances the absorption of non-heme iron, which is found in plant-based foods. Vitamin C helps prevent iron deficiency anemia by improving iron absorption, particularly in individuals who follow vegetarian or vegan diets.

Research has shown that consuming 100 mg of vitamin C increases iron absorption by 67%.

A study was conducted on 65 children with mild iron deficiency anemia who were placed on vitamin C supplements. At the end of the study, the researchers discovered that the vitamin C supplement alone controlled their anemia.

5. Improves cardiovascular health

Studies have stated that vitamin C may have a beneficial effect on cardiovascular health. It may help lower blood pressure, reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke, and improve blood vessel function.

An aggregate of nine studies was carried out on 293,172 participants, and it was discovered that those who take at least 700 mg of vitamin C after ten years have a 25% lower risk of developing heart disease than those who didn’t take the vitamin C supplements.

6. Improves eye health

Vitamin C has been associated with a reduced risk of age-related macular degeneration (AMD), a leading cause of vision loss in older adults. It helps protect the retina from oxidative damage and supports overall eye health.

7. Protects your cognitive ability

As you grow older, your memory and thinking ability decline. Studies have shown that over 35 million people worldwide have dementia.

Also, studies have shown that the risk of dementia is increased when inflammation or oxidative stress attacks the central nervous system, and these can be fought by regular consumption of vitamin C tablets, such as white vitamin C.

Studies have shown that high vitamin C in the body helps improve memory and thinking ability as you age.

Health Benefits Of White Vitamin C


It’s important to note that while vitamin C can be obtained from various fruits and vegetables, some individuals may benefit from vitamin C supplements, particularly those at risk of deficiency or with specific health conditions. You can choose white vitamin C and reap these health benefits.



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