Colos In Nigeria: Meaning, Side Effects, and All You Need To Know

Colos Colorado In Nigeria meaning side effects

If you are someone who spends time on social media, you would have come across the word “colos” at least once. You may have also seen videos of people acting in funny or weird ways, and it would be termed as “acting on colos.”

But what is colos, and why is it always brought up in certain situations? This is what we will be looking at in today’s article. 

What is Colos?

Colos, or Colorado, as it is also commonly called, is a type of synthetic marijuana. Synthetic marijuana are drugs that look like marijuana but are quite different from it. 

While marijuana or cannabis is obtained from the cannabis plant, either cannabis indica or cannabis sativa, synthetic marijuana is made up of shredded dry leaves or even grass on which many harmful chemicals mixed together are sprayed on. 

The chemicals present in synthetic marijuana are supposed to mimic the effect of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the active compound in marijuana that gives off that “high” feeling. But most times, synthetic marijuana gives off more than just that feeling. 

These chemicals are legal substances but, when mixed together, can be quite potent. The exact chemicals used are unknown as they are always being changed.

In US and Europe, whenever the government bans certain chemicals used to make synthetic cannabis, the makers just change the chemicals with other ones that are legal. It is very likely that most of the colos consumed in Nigeria are illegally smuggled into the country. 

Synthetic cannabis is often sold in bright shiny bags and is labelled “not for human consumption.” It is known by other names, including scooby snax, black mamba, potpourri, etc. 

How Is Colos Abused 

Just like natural marijuana, users of colorado roll it up like a joint to smoke it. However, the colorado joints are a lot thinner than that of the natural marijuana.

This is because Colorado is consumed in very tiny bits in order to reduce the effects it has on people. Most users of colos do not take more than a puff or two to reach their desired state. 

In some cases, colorado is mixed with natural marijuana to “manage” or reduce the effect of the synthetic chemicals. 

What Are The Effects of Colos?

The effect of colorado varies greatly from the effect of regular cannabis. Although synthetic cannabis was marketed as a safe and legal way to get high, the effects it has are anything but safe. 

Some of the observed effects of colos include:

– Extreme anxiety

– Paranoia

– Hallucinations 

– Increased heart rate 

– Vomitting.

These effects are almost instantaneous and manifest within 2-5 minutes after smoking. 

Some users of colorado may also exhibit violent behaviours and commit other acts they may not be fully aware of since they are under the influence.

In some cases, a user may go unconscious and would have to be revived through various crude means, including pouring water on them or hitting them to wake them up. The best thing to do to someone who has gone unconscious from smoking synthetic cannabis is to take them to the hospital. 

It should be noted that these effects are exhibited by a large portion of people who take the drug, even experienced users. This is because dosage is very hard to measure when it comes to colorado, and so overdosing is a more frequent occurrence. 

Psychotic Breaks

In countries like the United States, there have been recorded cases of psychotic breaks arising from smoking colos. Most times, the effect may be short-lived and would wear off after a few hours or a day or two. Other times, it can last longer and would require effective psychiatric help to treat and get the individual back to normal again. 

In Nigeria, there are no official reports of people suffering from psychosis due to smoking synthetic cannabis, due to the way drugs are viewed here. But there have been personal stories telling a similar story and illustrating how smoking cannabis can make one mental. 


Unfortunately, there have been a few cases of death from synthetic cannabis. The exact way it leads to death is currently unknown, but one of the various chemicals present in it could be the culprit. There are also instances of death due to the actions of the person while under the influence. 

Legality: Is Colos Legal?

In Nigeria, synthetic cannabis is a banned substance, just like regular cannabis. It is often sold by the people who sell regular cannabis, in addition to other banned substances like crack and crystal meth. Being in possession of synthetic cannabis is a federal crime that could come with very stiff sentences. 


The only way to avoid coming in contact with colorado is to totally avoid smoking it. This includes not buying it and turning down any offer to smoke it. 

If you or anyone you know has taken colorado by accident, it is best to seek medical help.


The popular street drug known as colos in Nigeria is actually Colorado, a type of synthetic marijuana. The side effects of Colos are dangerous and unsafe. It is also banned in many countries and can damage your mental health.



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