All You Need To Know About Mkpuru Mmiri And Its Side Effects

Mkpuru Mmiri effects

Lately, there has been a lot of talks about the drug locally known as ‘Mkpuru Mmiri’ on social media and about how it has become a menace in the country, particularly in the South East region. This has led to people wanting to find out more about the drug, including its side effects and how to overcome the addiction. This is what we would be looking at in today’s post.

What Is Mkpuru Mmiri?

Mkpuru mmiri is the local name for the drug commonly known as ‘Crystal Meth’. Crystal meth or simply methamphetamine is a kind of hard drug which is classified as a stimulant and affects the nervous system of the user. It is highly addictive, which is why many people who start using it find it very hard to quit. It is also known by other street names, including ‘ice’ or ‘glass’. 

Crystal meth comes in small chunks that look like ice or crystals, hence the name. It is heated up and smoked through a glass pipe. Although it can also be taken in form of pills or snorted when crushed. 

When taken, the user experiences a burst of euphoria or high. But the feeling fades as quickly as it comes. This makes the user ‘top up’ or take another hit of the glass bong, just so they can experience the euphoric feeling again. With time, this could lead to an addiction as the person would want to constantly take the drug just to feel good always. 

How Does Mkpuru Mmiri Affect The Brain?

The euphoric feeling commonly associated with taking mkpuru mmiri is the release of dopamine in the brain. Dopamine is normally released after doing something rewarding, like accomplishing a task or passing an exam, which makes us feel good. When a user takes mkpuru mmiri, there is dopamine is released in more quantity, which makes them feel euphoric. 

The more they take the drug, the more they become hooked on that feeling and would always want to experience that rush of dopamine. This is what leads to addiction. 

What Is Mkpuru Mmiri Made From?

Methamphetamine is a man-made stimulant that is made from combining a range of chemicals and substances. The chief ingredient used in making meth is pseudoephedrine, which is an ingredient used in making cold medications. Some other substances it contains include paint thinner, battery acid, iodine crystals, red phosphorous, Freon (a kind of refrigerant), lithium (which is gotten from batteries, and so on. These are all very dangerous and illegal substances. Due to the nature of the substances, it is not uncommon for explosions to occur at meth labs (a place where the drug is produced). 

Mkpuru Mmiri effects

Side Effects Of Mkpuru Mmiri

The side effects of mkpuru mmiri are numerous, with some being short term while others come with long term use. Some of the short-term effects include

  1. Disturbed sleep patterns, as the person stays up a hours
  2. Nausea
  3. Decrease in appetite
  4. Increase in body temperature
  5. Increase in blood pressure

Some of the long-term side effects include:

  1. Paranoia
  2. Insomnia
  3. Extreme weight loss
  4. Intense itching
  5. Tooth decay
  6. Psychosis
  7. The risk of infectious diseases (if the person takes it through injection)
  8. Respiratory problems
  9. Permanent damage to blood vessels and organs

And more. 

Prolonged use of crystal meth could also make one lose their job and become withdrawn from family and friends. They may then resort to selling their properties just to keep up with the drug use and may even go into robbery just to raise money. 

Crystal meth overdose can lead to more serious problems, including death.

How To Treat Mkpuru Mmiri Addiction 

Many videos of mkpuru mmiri flogging have circulated the internet as the treatment for the users. However, crystal meth addiction is one of the most severe kind of drug-related addictions as it is very hard to overcome. Many people who begin the recovery process are soon back to their old ways. But recovery from crystal meth addiction is not impossible. Enrolling an addicted user in a rehabilitation centre where they undergo months of recovery program usually helps. Complete recovery depends on the willingness of the user as well as the effectiveness of the rehabilitation program to address the addiction problem squarely. 


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