20 Healthy And Easy Nigerian Foods To Cook

Nigerian tomato stew easy Nigerian foods to cook

Nigeria is known for its rich culture and heritage and delicious foods that capture her essence and value. Nigerian foods are filled with vibrant flavours, diverse textures, and rich cultural heritage. Currently, Nigerian foods are making waves in the global space, with Jollof rice and fufu being the most popular.

Whether you are a novice in the kitchen or an experienced home cook looking to expand your menu, there are easy Nigerian foods to cook that you can include. From savoury stews to flavorful rice dishes and street food favourites, the simplicity of these recipes ensures that you can easily replicate them at home.

20 Easy Nigerian Foods To Cook

Here are the 20 best easy Nigerian foods to cook:

1. Jollof rice

Nigerian Jollof Rice
Source: @naija_foodie

Jollof rice is the most popular Nigerian food globally and one of the easy Nigerian foods to cook. It involves cooking rice with a blend of tomato, onion, pepper, and spices.

Interestingly, jollof rice comes with variations that may incorporate vegetables or meats such as beef, fish, or chicken. It serves both as an everyday and special occasion meal.

2. Garri

Health Benefits of Garri

Garri stands as a timeless Nigerian dish cherished in households across the nation, irrespective of region or ethnicity. Crafted from peeled and ground cassava, garri offers three delightful ways to be prepared and savoured.

One option involves mixing it with cold water and sugar for a refreshing beverage, while another transforms it into a cereal enjoyed with milk and sugar. The other is transforming it into eba, which can be served with a soup of your choice.

3. Egusi soup

Health Benefits of egusi
Egusi soup @foodblog9ja

Egusi soup is the most popular Nigerian soup. Ground melon or pumpkin seeds (egusi seeds) serve as its primary ingredient.

Combined with meat or seafood, palm oil onions, and vegetables, this dish yields a flavorful soup with a delightful nuttiness from the pumpkin seeds. It can be taken with any form of swallows, like fufu, amala eba or pounded yam.

4. Moi Moi

Health benefits of Moin Moin
Health benefits of Moin Moin

Moi moi, a steamed bean, blends black-eyed peas, bouillon, dried crayfish, onions, and ground peppers to create a harmonious combination. It can be enjoyed on its own or paired with jollof rice or fried plantains.

5. Chin Chin

Health Benefits of Chin Chin

Chin chin, a crispy, deep-fried snack, melds flour, milk, and sugar into a delightful treat. This is the most popular Nigerian snack served on special occasions and during festival periods, especially Christmas.

6. Fufu

Health Benefits of Akpu
Health Benefits of Akpu

Fufu is the most popular Nigerian swallow and one of the easy Nigerian foods to cook. It is a substantial starchy dumpling of cassava. Consumed by hand, fufu is served family-style, allowing individuals to shape it and dip it into soup or stew. It is more prevalent in the southern part of the country.

7. Dodo (Fried plantains)

Health Benefits Of Fried Plantains

Dodo is a deep-fried, over-ripe plantain with a crispy taste. It can be eaten as one or combined with rice for lunch, tea for breakfast and pap for dinner. Fried plantains is also nutritious and has some fascinating health benefits.

8. Nigerian tomato stew

Nigerian tomato stew easy Nigerian foods to cook

Nigerian tomato stew is one of the famous and easy Nigerian foods to cook that you can finish within 30 minutes. This enticing stew incorporates tomatoes, onions, curry, thyme, garlic, and peppers for added depth. You can add meat, fish or eggs to it.

9. Ogbono soup

Ogbono soup Nigerian foods that lower blood sugar
Image: Tinuolasblog

Ogbono soup stands as the second most favoured soup in Nigeria, ubiquitous in almost every eatery or restaurant across the country. Its popularity is not only attributed to its rich flavour but also to the ease with which it can be prepared.

This delectable soup pairs well with eba, fufu, or semo, making it a versatile choice among Nigerians.

10. Asaro (Yam porridge)

Yam Porridge Asaro

If you love to eat yam, try Asaro also known as yam porridge, as it is one of the easy Nigerian foods to cook.  Yam is carefully cooked until it achieves a soft and tender texture, then skillfully seasoned with a blend of peppers, dry fish, and onions. The result is a flavorful and savoury porridge.

11. Boli (Roasted plantain)

Healthy Nigerian snacks
IG: boli_gang

For lovers of street food, Boli is a must-try and a popular and easy Nigerian food to cook. This delightful dish features sweet, ripe plantains carefully coated in oil, delicately seasoned, and then expertly grilled to perfection.

12.  Nkwobi

Nkwobi Igbo foods in Nigeria

Hailing from the eastern region of Nigeria, Nkwobi holds a distinguished status in popular restaurants and is revered as a regional delicacy. It is one of the most nutritious Igbo foods in Nigeria.

The key ingredient in Nkwobi is cow foot, which undergoes a meticulous seasoning process and is then subjected to pressure cooking until it achieves a delectable tenderness.

After which, it is spiced. It is pretty easy to cook, although preparing the cow foot might take you some time.

13.  Nigerian fruit salad

Health Benefits Of Fruit Salad

For those who want something with little or no calories, this Nigerian fruit salad is one of the easy Nigerian foods to make. It is a mix of healthy ingredients like cabbage, carrots, cucumbers, lettuce and hard-boiled eggs. You can serve it cold alone or with a drink.

14. Akamu/Pap/Ogi (Nigerian corn pudding)

Akamu and Akara
Image Source

Akamu or pap or Ogi is a Nigerian corn pudding. Beyond its culinary appeal, it holds a special place as the first solid food introduction for many Nigerian babies. For adults, it is paired with Akara, fried yam or plantain for breakfast and dinner.

15. Nigerian buns

Health Benefits of Buns
Image: Dolapo Grey

Ready in just 15 minutes, Nigerian Buns are a delectable treat with a sweet, crunchy texture and rich vanilla flavour. Buns are a delightful addition to any occasion, and they are sure to leave taste buds craving more.

16.  Nigeria noodles

Instant Noodles Nigerian Foods High In Sodium

If you are looking for a meal you can prepare in 10 minutes or less, then Nigeria noodle is your perfect choice. It is popularly called student food in Nigeria. Nigerians have incorporated various recipes, adding local ingredients and flavours to create unique and delicious dishes.

There is the Indomie Goreng, which is a stir-fried version of Indomie noodles. The Indomie egg sauce is prepared with a tasty egg sauce. There is also the Indomie Jollof Noodles and Indomie Peppersoup. The Nigerian noodles top the chart as one of the easy Nigerian foods to cook. However, it does not contain as many nutrients as the traditional dishes. 

17. Spaghetti jollof

Health Benefits of Spaghetti

This is one of the easy Nigerian foods to cook that can be prepared in 20 minutes. Similar to Jollof rice, this dish involves cooking spaghetti in a flavorful tomato-based sauce. It often includes a mix of vegetables, spices, and sometimes protein like chicken or beef.

18. Akara and pap

Akamu and Akara
Image Source

Akara and Pap often make a delightful and filling combination for breakfast in Nigeria. The crispy and savoury Akara complements the smooth and mildly tangy Pap, creating a balance of flavours and textures. This combination is not only popular for breakfast but is also enjoyed as a quick

19.  Beef suya

Health Benefits of Suya
Image: Allrecipes

Beef Suya is a popular Nigerian street food known for its flavorful and spicy grilled beef skewers. It’s a beloved snack or appetiser that has its roots in the Hausa culinary tradition but has gained widespread popularity across Nigeria.

Beef suya is commonly enjoyed on its own as a flavorful snack. Still, it can also be served with sliced onions, tomatoes, and a side of fresh bread or Nigerian-style flatbread known as “Yaji.” (Yaji refers to both the Suya spice and powdered pepper and onion mixture).

20. Vegetable soup (Edikang Ikong)

Health Benefits of Vegetable Soup (Ugu)

Vegetable soup also known as Edikang Ikong is one of the healthiest soups and easiest Nigerian foods to cook. It is a nutritious soup featuring fluted pumpkin leaves, waterleaf, meat or fish, onions, peppers, and periwinkle.


From the above of easy Nigerian foods to cook, simplicity and authenticity intertwine to create a delicious and healthy meal. From the comforting embrace of jollof rice to the savoury allure of akara and the spicy kick of suya, these dishes provide a gateway to the vibrant world of Nigerian flavours.

As you try out these foods, note that there is no way to enjoy them. You are permitted to add your creativity and cook something more delicious and unique.



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