7 Healthy Nigerian Drinks For Losing Weight

Nigerian Drinks For Losing Weight

For many people, losing weight takes work. This is why they make use of more than one method to get rid of unnecessary weight. Going to the gym is the first thing people often think of when it comes to losing weight. This is because of how helpful exercises can be in burning fat. 

But besides exercise, what you eat or drink also goes a long way in helping you lose weight. When you are on a weight-loss journey, there are some things you have to cut back on. These are things that would ordinarily cause you to maintain or gain weight. What you need to eat or drink are things that would help you lose weight. 

There are so many helpful articles talking about what you should eat and avoid when you want to lose weight. But in this article, we will be looking at what you should drink for weight loss.

These are healthy drinks that would aid the weight loss process without having any adverse effect on your health. Now, here are seven Nigerian drinks for weight loss.

1. Zobo drink

Nigerian Drinks For Losing Weight

Zobo drink is a local Nigerian drink made from Hibiscus Sabdariffa leaves (dried Roselle leaves).

This drink is a perfect Nigerian drink for weight loss, as it is low in calories, highly nutritious, and delicious.

2. Tiger nut milk 

Although they are called tiger nuts, they are not actually nuts but tiny tubers. Tiger nuts are widely sold and eaten in Nigeria and are used to prepare tiger nut milk.

Tiger nut milk is rich in many essential nutrients, such as vitamins C, potassium, magnesium, calcium, and zinc. It is also rich in fiber, which makes it a great weight loss drink in Nigeria.

Furthermore, tiger nut milk does not contain lactose, fructose, or gluten, and of course, because they are not nuts, therefore it’s a perfect food solution for allergy sufferers.

3. Greek yoghurt 

While you would be advised to avoid yoghurt when trying to lose weight, Greek yoghurt is definitely something you take often. It is thicker than regular yoghurt, and it is not sweet. It also has fewer carbohydrates, which means less sugar, and it has a high protein content. 

If you are someone who enjoys ice cream, sorbet, or just regular yoghurt, then you can use Greek yoghurt as a healthy substitute. Having a glass of Greek yoghurt when you return from your daily gym session would do your body a lot of good. 

4. Coffee

The bitter taste of coffee alone is enough to let you know it would be effective for losing weight. While people would opt for sweetening their coffee with cream and sugar, you should avoid that if you are trying to lose weight. Instead, enjoy your coffee raw and black the way it is. 

You can try taking decaffeinated coffee so you do not feel the effects of caffeine. Also, avoid drinking too much coffee, as that can be quite bad for you. 

5. Fruit-based juice/smoothie 

Rather than drink the fruit juice you buy from the store, make your own smoothie right at home. Processed fruit juice contains lots of sugar and preservatives, things your body does not need.

With a blender and some fresh fruits, you can have your own glass of fresh fruit juice without stress. You can mix fruits, nuts, and vegetables for more nutrient intake. 

6. Lemon water

Lemon water is another drink you should take more of when you are trying to lose weight. Simply put some lemon slices in a jar of water and drink from it throughout the day. 

7. Water

It is that simple. Drinking water can do a lot for your weight loss journey. Drinking water can make you feel satisfied, which means you would get to eat less. Drinking water also aids digestion and replenishes your energy after a tough workout routine. 


Losing weight also includes drinking the right drinks, and as you have read, there are a lot of healthy Nigerian drinks for weight loss. You should include these drinks in your weight loss diet.



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