5 Important Safety Tips For Sales Reps

Safety Tips For Sales Reps

A sales representative or sales rep is someone always on the move. Sometimes, the job may have you visiting places you are not used to. You may have to visit another part of your state or take a trip to another state entirely, just to market your company’s products. A good sales rep is supposed to possess some quality skills that would help them carry out their job very well. But one other thing you must possess is knowledge of how to keep yourself safe.

As you visit different parts of the country to sell your company’s products, one thing you should have in mind is that you are in charge of your safety. The kind of job you do requires you to interact with different people, and you never can tell the kind of people you would meet. That is why you have to be security conscious, even when you are in familiar places. 

So today, we would be looking at some safety tips for sales reps 

Safety Tips For Sales Reps

1. Make Sure You Know Where You Are Going

Before you set out to a place, make sure you know the exact place you are going. This would not only make your journey straightforward but would help to keep you safe as well. Always ask questions to find out where you would be going rather than assume. 

2. Do Not Move In The Dark

Avoid setting off for a place you are not familiar with when it is getting dark. Make good use of daylight and if you have not still gotten to your destination before nightfall, look for a place to pass the night. Travelling when it is dark to a place you do not know is a risk not worth taking. You would not know how bad the roads are or if there is a security situation in the place that prevents people from driving there at night. In a country like Nigeria where there are security challenges in various parts of the country, it is not advisable to travel at night, even to places you know. 

3. Install A Car Tracker

If you use a car to move around, then you must have a car tracker installed on the car so that your company can always know your location. That way, you can be sure that someone has an idea of where you are at all times. No one ever knows what can happen on the road and the tracker you have in your car can be the one thing that would help you someday. 

4. Be Security Conscious

You can never be too careful. So always be looking out for hints or signs of anything that can pose a security threat. This does not mean that you should be paranoid, but you should be discerning to avoid being caught unawares. Spend a few minutes surveying the environment before getting down from the car. As you go about from street to street or door to door, have your wits about you.    

5. Follow COVID-19 Protocols

COVID-19 is here and it is a reality we would have to deal with. So as you go about making sales, keep yourself safe from COVID-19. Have your nose mask on and properly fitted, or use a face shield if you have one, always sanitize your hands as you move about, and always leave some distance between you and your prospective client. Doing this would help keep you and those around you safe. 




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