5 Useful Health Benefits of Avocado for Women

Health Benefits of Avocado for Women

Avocados, also called butter fruit or alligator pear, is a large beery grown mostly in warm climates. This fruit is highly nutritious and proffers many health benefits, including protecting the body cells against cancer, fighting depression, and improving skin and hair growth. However, there are also certain health benefits of avocado for women.

Yes, avocadoes are highly beneficial to women especially. Below are five significant ways why women should include avocado in their diets.

5 Health Benefits of Avocados for Women

Health Benefits of Avocado for Women

The following are some nutritional benefits that avocado offers, which could be beneficial for women.

1. Aid the redistribution of belly fats in women

Avocado is rich in many vitamins and minerals, and research has shown that eating one avocado per day for 12 straight weeks helps redistribute belly fat for women.

It lowers women’s visceral fat levels, which are essential in preventing diabetes. Not only that, belly fat is known to make women have prostrated tummy, making them look less attractive.

Presently, most women rely on lingeries like shapewear and waist trainers to achieve a perfectly flat tummy look. In addition to health benefits, reduced belly fat helps women gain the hourglass type body shape.

2. Prevents cervical and breast cancer

WHO states that Cervical cancer is the fourth most common cancer among women globally, with an estimated 604 000 new cases and 342 000 deaths in 2020.

Although no studies have proved a direct link between Avocado consumption and cervical cancer reduction, the folate component in avocado is associated with a reduced risk of cervical cancers, including colon, pancreatic, and stomach cancer.

A single avocado berry contains roughly 59 mcg of folate. In addition, it has some anticancer properties that include carotenoids and phytochemicals. Carotenoids especially are associated with fighting cancer progression in humans.

Also, a 2013 review has stated avocado’s potential benefit in fighting breast and throat cancers. However, this conclusion was drawn out of test tube trials; no human trials yet, and further research is still being conducted to confirm this claim.  

3. Good for pregnancy

Avocado is rich in folate, which is essential for a healthy pregnancy. Adequate avocado consumption helps reduce the risk of miscarriage and neural tube abnormalities. You should consume 600 micrograms (mcg) of folate per day as a pregnant woman, and one avocado contains as much as 160 mcg.

Also, avocados contain fatty acids that are essential for proper fetal development and a healthy diet. The health benefits of avocado to women don’t just end there.

4. Reduces the risk of developing age-related macular degeneration

The eyes are one of the focal spots of a woman. This is why women take their time making up the eye areas and add cosmetics to (contact lenses) and around (eyelashes) the eyes.

Avocados contain two phytochemicals, lutein, and zeaxanthin, which serve as antioxidant protection in protecting the eyes against danger, which includes UV light.

Also, the monounsaturated fatty acids in avocados aid the absorption of fat-soluble antioxidants, such as beta carotene, which fight macular degeneration. A healthy eye is essential for overall beauty.

5. Improves skin and hair health

Avocado is highly rich in biotin and natural oil that helps prevent dry skin and moisturize your skin and hair. It contains healthy minerals and antioxidants that aid the removal of dead skin cells, exfoliates the skin from inside, and unclog pores.

Instead of spending money on artificial creams and oil to achieve good skin, you can simply make natural oil from your avocado and use it as your daily skin and hair cream, do this for three weeks straight, and watch the wonders.

Furthermore, a 2019 study suggested that avocado oil contains fatty acids, vitamins D and E, and beta carotene which helps yo moisturize and nourish the skin and hair. Thus, avocado oil can boost your skin and hair health as a woman.


Even though avocado is healthy for women, you mustn’t overdo it. Moderation is the key here. Avocado is high in fat content, which, when eaten in quantity, may lead to unintended weight gain. And you won’t love to add weight as a lady. There are different ways you can eat avocado. It can be eaten whole or as a juice. You can use natural oil extracted from the avocado berry for the skin and hair.


So there you have it! There are certainly many amazing health benefits of avocados for women. It can help with weight loss, reducw belly fat, prevents cancers, as well as support healthy skin and hair.



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