10 Health Benefits Of Achicha Ede (Cocoyam Pottage)

Health Benefits of Achicha Ede (Cocoyam Pottage)

Achicha ede, as popularly eaten by eastern Nigerians, is a delicious meal mainly prepared from dried cocoyam flakes. Other ingredients used in preparing achicha ede include red palm oil, leafy green vegetables, ukpaka (ugba), akidi, onions, pepper, and pigeon pea (fio fio).

The Igbos consume this special delicacy both as an everyday meal and on special occasions. 

Cocoyam pottage comes with numerous nutritional values and serves as a great substitute for yam pottage. It is not just a tasty delicacy but is also highly nutritious. Because of the various ingredients used in making achicha ede, it is rich in a variety of nutrients and offers several health benefits.

This article will provide you with the nutritional value and health benefits of cocoyam pottage (achicha ede).

Nutritional Value Of Achicha Ede

Health Benefits of Achicha Ede (Cocoyam Pottage)

Since the major ingredient in achicha ede is cocoyam, most of the nutrients from the food come from cocoyam. Cocoyam is rich in fiber and many vitamins such as C, E, and B6. It also contains nutrients such as manganese, copper, potassium, phosphorus, and magnesium.

Other ingredients used in preparing achicha ede also contribute to its nutritional value. It is rich in protein, carbohydrates, calcium, vitamin A, folate, and many other essential nutrients.

The calories in one serving of achicha ede is about 300 cal.

10 Health Benefits of Achicha Ede (Cocoyam Pottage)

Health Benefits of Achicha Ede (Cocoyam Pottage)

The following are the health benefits of achicha ede based on the ingredients used to make it.

1. Beneficial during pregnancy

Cocoyam contains essential nutrients such as vitamins A, D, and folate. Additionally, the ingredients used in preparing cocoyam pottage also contain beneficial vitamins and minerals. A pregnant woman needs these minerals to help her stay healthy for both herself and the unborn baby.

2. Enhances the heart’s functioning

Achicha ede contains a high fiber content and is low in calories. These properties of the cocoyam help in reducing cholesterol levels in the blood. With the reduction of cholesterol in the blood, the heart can function maximally.

3. Great for gut health

Achicha Ede contains plenty of fiber and resistant starch and may be beneficial to gut health. When it is made with leafy green vegetables and pigeon pea, it becomes even richer in fiber and can promote good digestive health.

4. Regulates blood pressure

The high content of potassium in cocoyam helps balance blood pressure. People who deal with high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases may benefit from the natural blood pressure regulation benefits of cocoyam. Other ingredients in achicha ede such as onions, pepper, and leafy greens also improve heart health.

5. Good for diabetic patients

Dietary fiber is sufficiently present in cocoyam, which helps reduce blood sugar levels. This makes achicha ede safe for diabetic patients to consume. If you have diabetes, it would be greatly beneficial to opt for cocoyam pottage in place of other high-sugar tubers.

6. Boosts the immune system

Vitamin C is an immune booster, and it is found in high quantities in cocoyam. This mineral helps to strengthen the white blood cells against pathogenic agents. Additionally, the ingredients used in preparing achicha ede contain beneficial ingredients that boost the white blood cells.

7. Good for weight loss

Achicha ede is one of the Nigerian foods that are great for weight loss. The meal is a good source of fiber and protein. Studies have shown that eating foods rich in fiber and protein can help people lose weight. Such foods keep you fuller longer and limit the number of calories you eat throughout the day, which may eventually lead to weight loss.

8. Enhances vision

The antioxidants present in achicha ede are essential components that shield the eye cells from radicals. This nourishing meal will also protect the eyes from cataracts and the weakening of the macular cells.

9. Improves tooth health

The meal is sufficient in phosphorus, calcium, and vitamin D. These nutrients are essential for the teeth’s health. These nutrients protect the teeth from decay and keep the teeth in a healthy position. It also supports the enamel and jaw bone and heals the gum of injuries and decay.

10. May reduce the effect of rheumatoid arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis is one of those diseases associated with old age, affecting the joints and muscles. Since cocoyam is rich in vitamin B6, it can be consumed to combat chronic inflammation associated with rheumatoid arthritis. This is to say, achicha ede is strongly recommended for older adults with rheumatoid arthritis.

Bottom Line

Achicha Ede or cocoyam pottage is one of most delicious meals in Nigeria, but is mainly eaten by the people on the Southeastern parts of the country. It is packed with nutrients and vitamins, which contribute to its health benefits.



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