5 Superb Health Benefits of Oatmeal Swallow

Health Benefits of Oatmeal Swallow

Oatmeal swallow is a trendy delicacy among Nigerians now. Just like the name connotes, it is made from oats. Many Nigerians are already used to swallows made from other foods like cassava, yam, plantain, and even wheat. Oatmeal swallow is gotten from oats, which are a whole-grain food, known scientifically as Avena sativa.

Oatmeal swallow is prepared almost like every other swallow out there. First, the oat is blended or grounded until it is powder form and fine to the touch. Then hot boiling water is poured into it while the oatmeal is stirred. Leave it to cool a bit then mould it into ball shapes, if you desire. In terms of preparation, it is not difficult at all. If you love taking oats for breakfast, you should definitely give oatmeal swallow a try.

But the major reason why many people are turning to oatmeal swallow is because of its many health benefits. Yes, oatmeal swallow is a very healthy option and if you are someone who is big on eating healthy things, then you should consider switching to oatmeal swallow today. This article discusses the nutritional value and health benefits of oatmeal swallow.

Nutritional Value of Oatmeal Swallow

Oat Meal Swallow healthiest swallow in Nigeria

In terms of nutritional value, oatmeal swallow contains a lot of nutrients that are required by the body on a daily basis. Oatmeal contains magnesium, iron, copper, manganese, carbohydrate, protein, and a lot more. Oatmeal swallow is very rich in fibre, in fact it is full of the powerful fiber called beta-glucan. In other words, oatmeal is stacked with nutrients and that is the kind of thing you ought to be feeding your body with. [1] [2]

Health Benefits of Oatmeal Swallow

Health Benefits of Oatmeal Swallow

So, without wasting much time, let us take a look at some of the health benefits of oatmeal swallow. 

1. Aids Weight Loss

If you are one of those looking for a way to lose weight, then you should replace your regular swallow with oatmeal swallow. Eating oats have been observed to aid with weight loss because it fills you up for longer, which means you are unlikely to eat as frequently as you normally would. The good thing is, you do not have to eat a lot of oats before you feel full. Eating less frequently means you would reduce your calorie intake which would see you begin to lose weight over time. 

Numerous studies have shown that beta-glucan, which is highly present in oatmeal can help in increase fullness, and reduce calorie intake. [3]

2. Aids Digestion

Eating oatmeal swallow would also allow you to digest food better. This is because it contains insoluble fibre, which makes the process of digestion easier. This also prevents problems like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and relieves constipation. If you are someone who has regular constipation, eating oatmeal swallow would help you find fast relief. 

Health Benefits of Oatmeal Swallow

3. Lowers Blood Sugar And Blood Cholesterol

Those with diabetes would gain a lot from oatmeal swallow as it helps to lower blood sugar levels. This is because it contains soluble fiber, which has beta-glucans that form a thick gel that helps to slow down the absorption of sugar in the blood. This means there would be no sharp spike that would raise blood sugar levels. The soluble fibre also lowers blood cholesterol, preventing heart diseases and other complicated problems. Scientific studies suggest that consuming oatmeal swallow as a regular diet can help in lowering blood sugar levels, particularly in people who are overweight or have type 2 diabetes. [4]

4. Contains Antioxidants

Oatmeal swallow also contains antioxidants that strengthen the immune system and protects against diseases like coronary heart disease, colon cancer, and skin irritation. They contain unique group of antioxidants called avenanthramides, which are almost solely found in oats. Avenanthramides has anti-inflammatory properties, and help with lowering blood pressure. [5]

5. Promotes A Healthy Gut 

Another reason why you should eat oatmeal swallow more is that it promotes the presence of good bacteria in the intestine which would serve to keep it healthy. Oatmeal swallow is indeed the healthiest swallow in Nigeria.


Bottom Line

Oatmeal swallow are highly, nutritious,  loaded with important vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. They are high in fiber and protein compared to other swallows. These health benefits of oatmeal swallow show that you should eat it regularly with your soups. Some great oatmeal swallow brands in Nigeria are:

  • Elkris Super oats swallow
  • Royal oats swallow
  • Healthwise Oatmeal Swallow.





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