Do Quantum Energy Products Have Any Health Benefits?

Health benefits of quantum products

Quantum energy used to sound like something out of a sci-fi movie produced in the 1960s. For many years, it was at best a theory and something only referenced by physicists. But today, it has been simplified, and it is everywhere around us. There is a new field of noninvasive, alternative medicine referred to as quantum energy, and it offers a lot of products that are said to be beneficial to the body. In Nigeria, there has been a recent increase in interest about quantum energy products.

In today’s article, we would be exploring to know if there are any the health benefits of quantum energy products. But first, let us understand what quantum energy is.

What Is Quantum Energy?

Quantum energy refers to the minimum amount of energy needed to cause a change or shift or to correct an imbalance. The word ‘quantum’ means the smallest amount of matter or physical property. 

Quantum energy products are made up of small amounts of natural minerals that can have effects on the body. According to the Illinois Emergency Management Agency (IEMA), these products contained naturally occurring radioactive materials, such as thorium and uranium. 

Some of the common types of quantum energy products out there today include 

Quantum Energy Bracelets: these are bracelets that are meant to be worn on the wrist. It contains magnets, germanium, and negative ions, all of which are good for the body. 

Quantum Energy Wand: this looks like a regular pen but does not have a nib. It is used to stir water before drinking, releasing negative ions and other minerals as well. They can also be used in hot liquids and bathwater.

Quantum Energy Pendants: these are meant to be worn on the neck or carried on the body, containing the natural minerals, including volcanic minerals, and Far Infrared Ray (FIR), which is released to the body through radiation.

Quantum Energy Flask: this is for storing water or any other liquid. It releases some minerals into the body like calcium and magnesium, making it safer and healthier for drinking. 

There are so many types of quantum energy products out there, all meant to serve different purposes. Quantum energy medicine is a form of alternative medicine, which means that several of its benefits are yet to be backed by science.

Health benefits of quantum products

Here are some reported health benefits of quantum energy products

1. Might Promote Blood Circulation and Metabolism

Some of the natural ingredients, like germanium and FIR in quantum energy products, especially the pendants, helps to improve blood flow in and around the body. This also helps the distribution of blood oxygen and nutrients through the blood. 

2. May Increase Energy In The Body

Products like the wand and flask charge liquids like water with negative ions, energizing it in the process, which also helps to energise the body. These negative ions are also radiated by the pendant and are absorbed by the body directly, increasing energy levels in the body. 

3. May Help With Detoxification Of The Body

Water stirred with the wand or stored in a quantum energy flask can help to get rid of free radicals and other toxins in the body. 

4. Could Help To Reduce Stress

Quantum energy products can also help to reduce stress and fatigue in the body by increasing energy levels and improving blood circulation.  

5. Could Improves One’s Mood

Using quantum energy products can uplift your mood with the help of negative ions. This helps to drive away depression and bad mood in general.

6. Helps With DNA Repair

Another hypothetical health benefit of quantum energy could be when the low doses of radiation may stimulate the DNA repairing system.

NOTE: These potential health benefits of quantum energy products have not been verified by any reputable medical evidence. These are just reports.

What You Need to Know About Quantum Energy Products

Most of these quantum energy products contain volcanic ash, uranium and thorium isotopes. These products emit alpha, beta and gamma radiation. They create and emit ions, they strip away electrons from the atoms they hit, thus creating negative ions.

When radiation hits the cells it
creates free radicals that have negative effects to the cell or they can directly hit the DNA breaking the weak hydrogen bonds between the strands, which creates a potential threat of genetic mutation.

Most quantum energy products have very weak radioactive emissions and are generally okay to use. However, here are your precautions to note while using quantum energy products:

  • Avoid direct skin contact with them (wear over a cloth)
  • Wash your hands before eating if you touch it
  • Avoid prolonged wearing for the products months or years.

Bottom Line

To summarize all these complex content and physics: Quantum energy products are made up of small amounts of natural minerals that can have effects on the body. They might have possible health benefits which are not backed by science. However, they emit radiations which could be harmful to the body.

Hence, if you choose to continue wearing these quantum energy products, you should take steps to reduce exposure to the limited radiation in them, such as reducing how long a product is used and wearing it over clothing instead of directly on the skin.



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