5 Effective Exercises To Reduce Cholesterol 

Exercises To Reduce Cholesterol

Although cholesterol is used by the body to build healthy cells, having high cholesterol levels is very unhealthy. It can increase the risk of heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure, chronic kidney disease, and so on.

Certain things, such as your diet or your lifestyle, can increase your risk of having high cholesterol levels. It could also be in your genes. But whatever the cause of it, it can be treated or reduced easily. 

When we talk of reducing cholesterol levels, we are referring to a specific kind of cholesterol, as they are two types: LDL and HDL cholesterol. LDL, also known as bad cholesterol, is the one we want to get rid of. HDL, also known as good cholesterol, is the one the body needs. 

One such way to lower LDL levels is by eating healthy. Getting rid of fatty foods or processed foods and maintaining a regular balanced diet help your body shed some of the excess cholesterol. Another way you can do that is by exercising.

The American Heart Association (AHA) recommends that people aim for a at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise per week to reduce low-density lipoprotein (LDL), or “bad,” cholesterol levels.

You do not only need exercise to build your muscles and look fit. Exercising can help you achieve a lot of things, including lowering your cholesterol levels. 

That is why in this post, we will be looking at some of the exercises you can do to reduce your cholesterol levels.

1. Jogging 

This is one of the easiest exercises you can do. Even if you are the type who does not exercise before, you will find jogging very easy to do.

Before setting out, make sure that you are hydrated, and it is best you do it when the day is cool, such as early in the morning or in the evening while the sun sets. This means you get to avoid the harsh rays of the sun. 

Plan your route carefully. You do not have to jog a very far distance, but it would help to cover some ground before returning home. 

2. Biking 

Riding a bicycle is also a form of exercise, and there’s a study that shows that people who ride bikes to work are less likely to develop high cholesterol compared to people who do not.

This should serve as enough motivation for you to start riding your bike now. And you do not have to ride it to work. Just set out at specific times in the day or during the week when to ride the bike. 

3. Squat

Squat is another great exercise you can try to help lower your cholesterol level. In the process, you can also work on your thighs, calves, and your core. A squat is a simple exercise, and you can do it from anywhere. 

To do squats, 

— Start from a position where your legs are wide apart and with your hands placed forward. 

— Slowly begin to go down with your body while bending your knees. Make sure your heels are f firmly on the ground. 

— Bend all the way until your knees form a 90-degree angle. 

— Slowly make your way up to the original position. 

— Repeat ten times for a complete set. 

4. Swimming 

Taking a dip in the pool would not only help keep your body cool but would also reduce your cholesterol levels as well. Swimming also helps improve body weight and body fat distribution, which is very important. 

5. Weightlifting

Weightlifting increases muscle strength by making the muscles work against a form of weight. People may also refer to it as strength training or resistance training. It is one of the most effective exercises to reduce cholesterol.

This type of exercise usually involved weights, such as dumbbells, barbells or kettlebells, weight machines that a person would find in a gym, or the person’s own body weight.


Regular exercise can lower cholesterol, as well as reducing the risk of other serious health conditions. Some of the best exercises to reduce cholesterol include walking, running, swimming, and weight training.



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