5 Innovative Fitness Gadgets That Would Boost Your Workout


Staying fit is very important but there is no doubt that it can be challenging. Sometimes, it may not be that the exercises you are doing are too strenuous or difficult but there is often a lack of motivation to continue and not lose focus. That is why certain things like music and devices that track your pulse and calories that you have burnt are quite important.

These days, there are many fitness gadgets that you should carry along whenever you are going to the gym. These devices would help you stay focused and relaxed without inconveniencing you in any way.

Let us look at some of these devices.


1. Bluetooth Earbuds

Listening to music while doing a task keeps you focused on what you are doing. Studies have shown that music can help in boosting your exercise performance. With Bluetooth earbuds, you can listen to your favourite song or albums while lifting weights or doing sit-ups. The good thing about these Bluetooth earbuds is that they are so small and lightweight that you would soon forget that you are even putting anything on. They fit right into your ear without being a burden. They come in different forms, made by different companies. Although any Bluetooth earbud would work, there are some specifically made for workout use. You should make sure that any earbud you are buying is waterproof to protect it from sweat during workouts.

You can find good earbuds that would do the job for N15,000 naira with some very expensive models, like the Apple Airpods, which cost as much as N150,000 naira. No matter your budget, there is a Bluetooth earbud for you, so go out there and get one today to enhance your gym experience. 

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2. Smart Watch

A Smartwatch helps you measure your heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen, and so much more. This allows you to monitor the performance of your body during the workout. You can also monitor your footsteps or elevation with the watch, which makes it ideal if you prefer to workout by taking a hike. A smartwatch keeps track of so many vital things and helps you track your fitness progress. You will be able to measure how many steps you took in a day/week/month and compare them.

You will also see how many calories you have lost. You can even create fitness plans and goals you would like to meet. This would help you really commit to your workout routine. They also come in different forms and price ranges, meaning you can find something just right for you. You can buy a smartwatch in Nigeria from a reputable online store.


3. Smart Jump Ropes

How many jumps have you taken? Sometimes you get distracted and lose focus. But a smart rope counts every jump you take to provide you with an accurate number at the end. Some can even tell you how many calories you have burnt, with the help of an app. A lot of Nigerians don’t know about smart jump ropes. Nonetheless, every fitness enthusiast should buy smart jump ropes.

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4. Smart Sock

This is for those who like running or hiking. A smart sock would track your speed, calories, steps you have taken, as well as altitude. It would also improve your workout by helping you identify routines that are injury-prone, keeping you safe. 

5. Smartphone

Your smartphone is also an essential gadget you should carry along during your workout. Most of your other smart gadgets would function through an app on the smartphone, allowing you to see your progress when you are done. Your smartphone is not meant to be on you to avoid damage but can be in your backpack or just a safe distance away from you. 




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