5 Fitness Apps Nigerians Can Use to Lose Weight

fitness app nigerians can use to lose weight

Being healthy is one of the important aspects of life. As humans, there are certain things we must do in order to keep fit and avoid different kinds of sicknesses. Exercising regularly is one of the ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

For those engaging in weight loss programs, if you feel your schedule is too tight to go to the gym or can’t afford such equipment, there are now certain apps that can guide you through this journey. We will discuss some of them in this article. You’ll learn about some fitness app nigerians can use to lose weight and stay fit.

There are different apps tha.t regulate our activities like how many steps we take in a day, our calorie intake, and sugar levels due to modern technology. Therefore, fitness apps that are easy to use have also been made.

A good fitness app should be able to encourage and remind you why you started in the first place. It also has to look good because that can make you willing and happy to engage in the exercise.

Fitness apps are applications you can download to your mobile device, which provides an easy and faster way to track your lifestyle habits such as calorie intake and exercise.

fitness app nigerians can use to lose weight

1. MyFitnessPal

This app helps to regulate your food intake. It tracks all the nutrients you consume, ranging from carbs, proteins, vitamins, fiber, etc. It also provides options on how to maintain a healthy diet. What makes it a great fitness app for Nigerians who want to lose weight is that it contains the number of calories in many local Nigerian foods. You can also monitor your weight and search for healthy recipes with MyFitnessPal. So you can track you calories, tone down your BMI, and achieve your weight loss goal.

2. ThenX

If you want to build those muscles, then using this app could be of great help. The workouts involved include; pull ups, planks, muscle dips, and lots more. This app teaches intense body training, which requires patience and effort. Another good thing about it is that you could actually choose your difficulty level.

3. Google Fit

This app was developed by Google, so it is guaranteed to give good results. It helps keep track of your daily activities like steps, rides, distance covered, and calorie burned. It is suitable for all android phones and easy to work with. This app is simple, user-friendly, and it’s compatible with a ton of other fitness and health apps.

4. Home Workout – No Equipment

Just like the names says, Home Workout – No Equipment is a fitness app that gives you daily workout routines for each muscle in the body. The workout lasts for few minutes a day, and can help you build muscles and keep fit at home without the need to visit the gym. On the app, they are lots of routines with no equipment or coach needed, thus, all exercises can be performed with just your body weight. This app can be useful for Nigerians who want to exercise at home.

5. Pacer App

This is an aerobic fitness app that helps people get more active and healthier through an accurate and reliable source. It makes exercise easier as you could monitor the number of steps you take in a day or during a walk and view the number of calories burned with the app. No need for additional trackers as all you need is your phone to do the monitoring.

fitness app nigerians can use to lose weight


The increase in technological advancement has made many aspects of our life useful, it can also be used to help us keep fit and lose weight. There are so many good fitness apps that are useful to monitor your weight, track your steps, food intake, and exercise habits. Others provide guidance for making healthy choices when shopping for food or eating out. You can try out some of the fitness apps above and see if they work for you.


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