What Are Some Fitness Tips for a Longer Life?

Fitness Tips for Busy Nigerian Moms

Fitness is very important no matter at what age we are standing on, either it’s our mid-age, old age, or twenties. Fitness is at the top of the list for every one of us. It is never too late to start; we can give the time and care our body deserves at any time.

It is very important to stay fit because staying fit helps us in living a longer and healthier life, now being only physically fit won’t help us until we are not mentally fit. If we are fit mentally, then only we can show up and be mentally fit will reflect on our body as well both inside and outside.

People, mostly in their mid-ages, fall into depression and face the problems of anxiety and stress. All this is due to the neglecting of their mental health. In such difficult situations where we think that either we are facing some mental problems or we are not able to be that effective which we used to be earlier can be signs of some mental problems as well.in these cases, we should consult a counselor or a therapist who can help us out and lead a healthy life. But what if we don’t want to meet them in a person?

There are some other options available as well, such as we can sign up for some online sessions on which we can ask them that how to improve mental health and what can we do to take ourselves from out of such situation.

Also, it is not always a good idea to rely on the internet every time. There are several different ways we can surf the internet that how to improve mental health, and all the solutions will be right one click away but still, it’s a better option to ask out a therapist or a counselor and get the proper attention and help we need. Remember this that mental health is the key to a great body and, of course, a mind. What we are from inside shows outside very well. So focusing upon our mental health will be the first step to live out healthier and longer.

After our mental health comes to our physical health, which includes our daily activities, what do we eat, and what kind of food do we eat? Are we physically active or not? Do we exercise and all sorts of these kinds of planning.

We have to input and work on some good habits which will lead us to live a healthier and longer life.


Now clean eating is something we are emphasized on since we are very young, all we are told that the homemade food is good and the food which we get from outside and processed one is bad for our health, but none tells us that why is the natural homemade food good and why the other is bad for us.

We need to have clean eating habits and avoid junk food as much as possible because the nutrients we need in our body to function properly and give us the energy we need. Junk food may taste good but is both heavy on our pockets and our health as well because the amount of oil and unhealthy fats and processed is in there, it will give us nothing but bad health conditions because it won’t be providing us any sorts of nutrients our body needs.

So eating fresh food and home-cooked food along with eating raw vegetables and fruits and not sipping in fruits in the forms of juices will help us stay healthy and active, both helping us live longer. The second thing which comes is that we have to avoid overeating. Studies show that the more we overeat, the less we are getting the chance to live longer. Is it found that taking 50% of the less calorie intake we used to take earlier may help us well in obtaining a healthy and long life? Also, in taking more nuts is found to give a healthier and longer life, so nuts should be the answer to our timeless cravings.


Now I cannot emphasize enough on how important is to exercise daily and religiously because it’s very important to stay active and fit as we age. This will not only help us stay on our perfect weight but will help tone our body and will make us feel beautiful in confident even in ou4 forties and fifties. Studies have found that premature dying risks decrease by 4% if we exercise daily, even for 15 minutes.

Last but not the least, we have to give up on our unhealthy habits such as not taking proper sleep, smoking, and excessive drinking as these things will get us nothing but health problems in the end, which will lead to a shorter life span.   

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