How To Care For Your Anus

How to care for your anus

The anus is one part of your body that you rarely think about, which is not surprising, although it does a lot of work. It is through your anus that you expel waste from your large intestine through the rectum. For a part of the body that does a lot of work, it is rarely discussed. Indeed, some people approach the subject of the anus like a taboo and it often makes for an unpleasant discussion. Knowing how to care for your anus is important, because you can avoid common diseases that affect the anus. These anal diseases include pruritus, anal fissure, hemorrhoids, fecal incontinence, anal skin tags and anal abscess or fistula.

When it comes to taking care of the anus, most people are often at loss over what to do. While it is common knowledge that you have to clean up after stooling, you have to do more than that to care for your anus. This often leads people to adopt wrong care tips. That is why in this article, we would be looking at some ways to properly care for your anus. 

Clean Up After Use

It is as simple as that – clean up after using the toilet. And the best material to clean up with is water. Forget any other fancy towel or liquid. Using water on your anus is the best way to clean it after stooling. No matter how much of a hurry you are in, make sure to properly clean up your anus after using the toilet. 

Why it’s better to use water to clean anus than tissue?

Tissue paper does not clean the anus as effectively as water would. Some of the feces will get smeared and rubbed on your anus especially if you are hairy and that can make you smelly and get skin irritations. Also, wiping your butt using tissue can lead to injuries. The skin on the anus is a bit thin and delicate, while dry toilet paper can be abrasive. Thus, wiping too many times with tissue paper  could lead to pain and bleeding.

Avoid Using Soap and other cleaners

Although most people think otherwise, using soap on your anus is not the right thing to do. As we noted in the first point, simply using water is enough good on its own. Using soap could cause your anus to be dry and itchy and result in other problems. The same goes for other cleaners also. This is because these soaps and cleaners contain chemicals that are harsh to the anus and could even lead to small cuts. That is why you should keep soaps and other cleaners away from your anus. 

Wipe Properly

If you must use tissue paper to clean up after using the toilet, then you should ensure that you do it carefully. Avoid wiping your anus like you are in a hurry or with so much energy as this could lead to chafing of the skin. Also, ensure that you use soft tissue paper.  

How to care for your anus

Avoid Using Hot Water On The Anus

Some people are also in the habit of using hot water to clean their anus in the belief that hot water would clean more properly than cold water. This is not just false but could lead to problems. The skin around the anus is quite sensitive and using hot water around it could cause irritations and other problems. Stick to the water coming from the tap in your toilet. 

Eat Healthy

Eating healthy is also a way you can care for your anus. When you eat foods that are rich in fibre, it would help to make it easier to pass out waste and also prevent constipation. Drinking lots of water can also help with this. It would soften the stool and you would find it easier to pass out waste without putting any strain on the anus. You should also eat foods that are rich in fibre, as it helps digestion. Adequate consumption of fibre daily can immensely improve the quality of stool, and help you avoid anal health problems. Also, avoid eating very spicy foods.


Don’t Spend Excessive Time in the Toilet

One poor toilet habit that affects the anal health is spending excessive time in the toilet. These days almost everyone makes use of their phone, while using the toilet. Medical experts say that sitting on the toilet for a prolonged period of time might cause haemorrhoids. Thus, avoid spending a lot of time sitting in the toilet.

Keep Your Toilet Clean and Hygienic

Another very important thing you should do if you want to care for your anus, is to keep your toilet clean and hygienic regularly. Washing them with soap, disinfectant, and detergents will help you avoid anal diseases.




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