6 Important Underwear Hygiene Tips For Men

Underwear hygiene for men

The underwear is the most worn piece of clothing in your wardrobe. It is very essential to you and keeps your privates is the best shape. However, there are some vital hygiene tips you should follow with your underwears. In this article, will be focusing on the underwear hygiene tips for men.

When it comes to men underwears, there are 4 main types of underwear for men.

Boxers: Boxers are more loose fitting than most other types of underwear for men. Although it provides no support, it gives more breathability to your crotch area.

Briefs: They are right fitting and shorter. Briefs cover your entire pelvic region but leave the side of your leg and upper thigh exposed. It offers great support but little breathability.

Boxer briefs: These types of underwear for men is a combination of boxers and briefs. They offer support and a little bit of breathability.

Trunks: Trunks are similar go boxer briefs, but they are shorter and square in shape. They might either be loose-fitting or tight and are used for swimming.

Types of underwear for men
Types of underwear for men

The best type of underwear for a man would depend on his height, weight and stature. However, regardless of which type of underwear you wear, it is essential that you’re hygienic with them. Let’s find out some of the healthy habits to follow when it comes to underwears for men.

1. Wash your underwear when it’s dirty

How often should you watch your underwear? Simple answer – when it’s dirty. You should wash your underwear as often as possible. It is not good to use a dirty underwear; thus, if it is dirty, it should be washed.

2. Change your underwear after sweating

After long periods of physical activity or a strenuous workouts, your underwear will accumulate a lot of sweat. If you have perspired profusely, you should immediately change the underwear, bath and wear another one. If you don’t change your underwear after sweating, it will lead to sweat accumulation and microbial growth. This would then cause skin irritation, rashes, and infection.

3. Avoid tight underwears

While tight underwears can offer you support and firmness, it can be detrimental to your health. Tight underwears will restrict the much-needed air circulation that you need down there. It should allow your freedom for you to move about comfortably. Briefs are better for slimmer men, but men with bigger stature should not wear briefs. Thus, make sure you pick an underwear size that matches your latest body measurements and allows your bottom to breathe comfortably.

4. Dispose your old underwear

There are some underwears that are torn and have so many holes (you know what I’m talking about). Underwears that are overly torn should be disposed of immediately.

Also, an average boxer should be disposed after you have washed it for 45 times.

5. Sleep naked or wear boxers

Men should go to sleep naked or wear boxers. It can boost your sleep quality and allow your privates to get enough air.

Studies have shown that sleep naked can improve sperm quality. According to a recent study, men who wore boxer shorts during the day and slept naked had notably lower levels of damaged DNA in their sperm compared to those who wore tight underpants during the day and at night. It may be because it allows the testicles to be cooler.

Underwear hygiene for men

6. Clean and wash up properly after using the toilets

After using the toilet, either for urinating or defecating, you should clean up properly. Don’t allow drops of urine to drop on your underwear. And wash your buttocks thoroughly after defecating to prevent itching and stains.



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