5 Potential Health Benefits Of Cloves For Women

Health Benefits Of Cloves For Women

Cloves are the flower buds of the clove tree, also known as Syzygium aromaticum. This tree belongs to the Myrtaceae family. They are native to Indians and are commonly used in Indian kitchens.

They are known as an aromatic and sweet spice. They are commonly used as spices, fragrances, and flavours. They are also used in the production of consumer products, such as soaps, cosmetics, or toothpaste.

For decades, cloves have been used in traditional medicine. They are popularly known due to their numerous health benefits to the body.

However, in this article, we’ll discuss the nutritional value and health benefits of cloves to women.

Nutritional Value Of Cloves

Cloves, like other spices, contain a few essential nutrients needed in the body. They have a high level of manganese which is 55% of the daily value required by the body.

Cloves are rich in essential vitamins like vitamins A, C, E, F, and K. They contain calcium, fibers, and minerals. They contain eugenol, which is an antioxidant that helps reduce the harshness of chronic diseases.

Health Benefits Of Cloves For Women

Cloves are a spice that is commonly used in cooking, but did you know that they also have numerous health benefits? For women in particular, cloves can provide a range of advantages. Here are the health benefits of cloves for women:

1. May fight against cancer

Breast and cervical cancers are rampant diseases among women. This happens when abnormal growth occurs in some cells in the breast or the cervix, after which they move to other parts of the body.

Studies suggest that cloves contain some vitamins and nutrients which may help fight cancer.

study showed that the extract from cloves caused cell death in cancer cells. Another study showed that oil extract from cloves caused cell death in esophageal cancer.

An in-vitro study performed on the human breast cancer line showed that cloves have great cytotoxicity. Therefore, they are a good source of anti-cancer agents.

The eugenol content present in cloves has also been shown to possess anti-cancer properties. A 2011 study found that eugenol promoted cell death in cervical cancer cells. However, research is still ongoing to confirm the authenticity of these studies.

2. May protect against diabetes

Men have a higher affinity for diabetes than women. However, women often have serious complications and a greater risk of death. Studies have proved that cloves contain some minerals which help lower blood sugar levels.

 An animal study showed that clove extract and its compound, nigericin increased insulin sensitivity in mice muscle cells. There was a record of insulin secretion, less insulin resistance, and increased glucose tolerance in mice with diabetes.

3. May aid in weight loss

Women between the age of 60-80 years and above have a great risk of obesity. This is because, generally, women tend to consume sugar-laden foods more than men. As the body ages, the process of converting sugars lessens.

Cloves contain eugenol, an oil extract that has been shown to improve metabolism and aid weight loss.

An animal study showed that clove extract reduces excess weight resulting from a high-fat diet. The subjects who received the extract had less weight and fat than those that did not receive it.

4. May fight against acne

About 50% of women suffer from acne, which is a common but serious skin disease. Studies show that cloves contain antiseptic and antibacterial properties.

study compared the acne-fighting abilities of clove-basil oil and a placebo. The clove-basil oil was more effective and faster at reducing pimples than benzoyl peroxide.

However, further research is needed on whether cloves fight against acne. 

5. Improves oral health

Cloves contain antimicrobial agents that may improve oral health. Studies have shown clove oil as a natural agent for maintaining oral health due to its effect on bacteria, gingivitis, and plaque in the mouth.

In addition, cloves possess antibacterial properties that may promote good oral health. According to a test-tube study, the compounds derived from cloves were able to inhibit the growth of two kinds of bacteria that play a role in causing gum disease.



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